Most people want to know about the most difficult hikes in the world. So here is the article which will help you out in discovering different hikes of your own choice. There is a top destination and different trails when it comes to the top of the world hike. 

The Top Destination in Top of the World Hike:

So when we talk about the top of the world hike, the first name that came to our mind is Laguna beach. It is the seaside resort side which is located in California, in the United States. The total area of Laguna Beach is 25.4 km. The land covering area is 22.9 km and the area covered with water is 2.5 km. To reach the top of the world hike hours you need is only 2 hours. The climate of Laguna Beach is mild Mediterranean and has sunshine all over the year. Top of the world hike Laguna Beach has foothill trails that are internationally known for mountain biking. The famous legend of mountain bike Hans Rey makes a home for himself in Laguna Beach. The top of the world hike miles is 2.4 which is 3.9 km. 

Montage Laguna Beach

The best place to stay in Laguna is the Montage hotel Laguna beach. It has a cool pool and a Jacuzzi for their guests. You can have a relaxing treatment and also a beauty spa. If you are a fitness freak, you can also avail fitness amenities. There is also a club for kids. Other than the top one, here are some other trails you can choose like the Phoenix hiking, Death trails, and Oahu. 

Top of the world trail – Top 7

Following are some top of the world trails and the most difficult hikes in the world 

  1. The Death trails

The world’s most difficult and dangerous hiking trail is known as the death trail is Mount Huashan. It is located in China. Its height is 2154 meters and it is the most precipitant mountain. All trails are very dangerous but none of them is as death trails. It has narrow passages made up of wooden platforms. 

For visitors getting to the trail is very hard. It has rusty chains and has worn wooden planks which make it a treacherous trail. There is no official statics of death rate from this mountain but according to rumors, we can say more than 100 people die from there. This is also a reason to call Huashan mountain as Death trails. No matter if you are an expert or a beginner, this mountain is scary for everyone. 

  1. Drakensberg Traverse

This is the next trek which is a tough and long trek. It is located in South Africa. The route of this trek is about 220 to 240 km which is about 150 miles. On the very first day, you can enjoy animal tracks, rocks, and footprints. You can enjoy mud Intense hills, windy conditions, and also snow. 

On this hike, you should be very careful because there can be unsuspected thieves who can steal your stuff. When you are going to Drakensberg Traverse, make sure you are completely prepared. There are no facilities and no checkpoints. You are at your own risk. Although you can have many difficulties the view of sunshine and waterfall is breathtaking. The most difficult is Amphitheatre which makes the hike harder to pass up. 

  1. El Caminito del Rey

When we talk about difficult hiking we can not miss hiking in Spain. This place of hiking is known as the world’s scariest hiking. It becomes illegal for hiking in 2014 due to the unexpected death rates and crumbling pathways but re-opens in 2015. After it closes, the adventurers become more excited to visit this place and explore it. The main source of the fear of this trek is Vertigo. You can sit in one space if you don’t like height. You can bring your ropes to challenge yourself in that spot. 

  1. The snowmen trek

The snowmen trek is located in Bhutan. It is also the toughest trek because it has high altitudes and very sharp ascents. This trek starts in Paro and after 24 days it ends in Nikka chhu. The weather can make many difficulties during hiking. This trek will only be good in the summer season because in winters there is a lot of snow which will create problems for hikers. It is a beautiful place. 

You can have a view of lush valleys landscape, Himalayas, Dense forests, and mountain peaks. Whoever wants to experience the mountain Kingdom of Luanne, must visit once in his lifetime. This rough and tough trek is recommended to the hikers who have experience because of its changeable weather and remoteness. 

  1. Oahu

When we talk about the best hikes in Hawaii, the first name that came to our mind is Oahu. The trails of Oahu’s hiking cover two volcanic mountain ranges. It allows beginners for advanced hiking. You can enjoy waterfall hikes or coastal ridges. Oahu also provides the opportunity for the best jungle strolls and jaw-dropping views. It takes 2 to 3 hours long and about 3 miles for hiking in Oahu. Waterfall hiking of Oahu is quite easy and it has a wonderful cliff jumping location. 

  1. Kalalau trail 

One on the list top of the world hike is the Kalalau Trail. It is a breathtaking hike in the US. Overall, this hike is one of the most difficult and treacherous because of its slippery inclines, crumbling trails, and plummeting cliffs. If you are in Kalalau and even a little rain starts, it will become a very disastrous situation. It happens because it has slippery inclines and it seems impossible to tackle. The length of the Kalalau trail is about 17.7 kilometers one way. 

  1. Muir snowfield trail 

On top of the world tail, the one is Muir snowfield which is located in Washington. It is a difficult trail and the reason is its extremely cold temperature. The beginners can not reach the top. Only experienced hikers can do it by alpine climbing. Many experienced and trained mountaineers fail to summit because of a slippery and freezing tall giant of 4400 meters.  Always check the weather before going and never forget to bring a tracking device with you. 

What will you need for your hike?

When you are going hiking, never think to wear your casual dress. At least everyone must wear fitness or hiking gear with good and comfortable footwear. It’s a good option to wear special hiking boots or shoes and bring your trekking poles which will help you in steep climbs. There are also no shades in hiking so try to pick your water bottles with you to avoid dehydration. 

Is the top of the world hike hard? 

Yes, it is 2.4 miles trafficked out and the back trail is located near Laguna Beach. It is featured with wildland trekking and used for hiking and running.  

How long does it take to hike Top of the World?

It can take around 4-5 hours depending upon the way you go, weather, and other factors. 


The top of the world hikes is described and also the most difficult hiking in the world. You should be very careful when planning to go on hiking. Choose the place which is convenient for you. As for the fun factor, you can bring your selfie stick with you and can capture your adventurous moments.