Palawan is famous as the world’s nicest island that has lots of attractions on it. It’s home to many beautiful rivers, parks, bays, lakes, and beaches. A large number of visitors make their way towards this island each year for a trip. Along with all its other attractions, Palawan resorts have a unique name in the world of beauty and attraction. In the past years, it was popular as the world’s best island by international media and the best magazines of the world. However, before you’re attracted by its beauty and appeal and plan a visit to this island, it’s good to explore where to stay and dine on this beautiful island. 

Palawan resorts, in addition to other attractions, attract a lot of visitors. The state earns a handsome amount through tourism each year. If you’re planning to travel along with your friends or family towards this attractive island, remember the resorts described in the later section to have great fun over there. Let’s move on to explore the best Palawan resorts. 

Top Rated Palawan Resorts

For maximum enjoyment at the beach, it’s good to stay in any resort situated on that particular beach. Here are the well-known Palawan beach resorts, you can choose any of them. 

1- Coron Westown Resort

If you’re arriving at Palawan island Philippines via Busuanga airport, the Coron Westown Resort is the best choice for you to reside and enjoy. Located nearest to the downtown, this beautiful resort has an appealing look. This resort has all the amenities that a visitor will love to have. The rooms of this resort are with almost all the requirements to live. Other amenities like bars, restaurants, shops, and guided tour companies are also great. 

The taste of the restaurants of this resort is great. You’ll love to enjoy the decor of this beautiful place. One of the unique things to do about this resort is that it offers different tour packages and you should try them. You can choose any of them according to your budget. 

2- Club Paradise Resort

Club Paradise Resort is one of the best resorts in Philippines. This resort is located off the coast of Coron Island. It is a great private resort that offers all the facilities to the people visiting here. Being there will be great leisure as you’ll have great accommodations over there. 

The unique thing about this resort is that it has beautiful cottages that offer a clear look at the beautiful beach. You’ll love its Garden Suites, Hillside Cottages, Garden Cottages, and Seaview Cottages. Moreover, the standard and deluxe sunset villas of this beautiful resort are ideal to stay and enjoy over the beach. The rooms of this resort are built on modern decor ideas. 

From the cottages or rooms, whatever you choose, you’ll love to see the Asian animals and tropical birds enjoying the trees surrounding the resort. The restaurants of the resort have a magical taste. You’ll love dining there again and again. Add this beautiful resort to your plan list so that you may enjoy the natural beauty to its fullest. 

3- Two Seasons Coron Palawan Resort 

This one of the best Two Seasons Coron Palawan Resorts is considered one of the best resorts in the Philippines. This five-star resort will let you explore the beauty of the real paradise of Palawan. It’s located in the most beautiful part of the island where you’ll meet the beauty in a real sense. Located one the Malaroyroy Peninsula, the resort is beautifully decorated. It will turn your imagination into reality as real paradise will be before you when you’ll be at this resort. 

All its rooms were well furnished. The amenities offered by the management of this resort include the AC, giant balconies to enjoy the sea view, beautiful gardens, water sports equipment, and flat TV screens in each room. The resort is home to lots of marine animals like sea turtles. You’ll find it perfect for your honeymoon trip in particular. 

Other Beautiful Palawan Island Resorts and Hotels:

Besides the above-mentioned resorts, here are some other options for you. 

  • Flower Island Resort Tay Tay
  • Lagen Island Resort El Nido
  • Miniloc El Nido Resort
  • Pangulasian El Nido Resort
  • Sunset Beach San Vincente Resort

What is the best area to stay in Palawan?

You’ll find a cluster of resorts near El Nido. Choose any of them to stay and enjoy. All of them will prove great for you. 

Where is El Nido Resorts?

El Nido Resorts are located near the international airport of Busuanga. All these resorts are great to reside on the beautiful beach. 

What is the most beautiful resort in the Philippines?

We’ve mentioned the top-rated resorts of the Philippines in the above section. However, we find the Coron Westown Resort as the best resort on this island.

Final Verdict
Palawan Island is the most beautiful part of the Philippines that is home to the world’s most beautiful resorts. All Palawan resorts offer all amenities that a person will love to have. However, the above-mentioned resorts are outstanding out of all. Go for any of them to make your trip memorable.