Florida is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with the best destinations for travelers. It is not only because of exciting theme parks that people like to come here. But also because of plenty of water parks in Florida. People love to visit there for an exhilarating experience in hot weather to cool off. Most of the water parks are situated in Florida instead of other countries in the United States. To visit Florida in summer is one of the best activities for kids as well as for adults too because of thrilling as well as the longest slides to experience with lazy rivers and some zero-entry pools for the entertainment of little kids also. 

What are the best water parks in Florida?

Florida is well known when it comes to water parks with attractive themes. Following are the best water parks that should be on your list. 

  1. Water parks in Florida, Orlando:

Orlando is one of the best water parks here whether you visit there with kids, families, friends, couples, or solo. It is probably the best place to visit because it’s extremely captivating and filled with impressive as well as unique experiences for all the people. You will create some worthy, cherishing as well as memorable moments of your life. There are plenty of more things to explore over there like eating, shopping, etc. Moreover, it is one of the best kid friendly water parks here. 

  1. Buccaneer Bay Water park:

Buccaneer bay water park is situated about 35-40 miles northwest of Tampa. It is one of the most beautiful water parks in Florida with cold water of about 72 degrees. It has the most captivating theme like the lazy river, a separate play area is made for kids with multiple slides. You can visit here with your family, friends, etc. There happens a daily mermaid shows as well it’s a perfect spot during hot months.  This is one of the biggest water parks in Florida.

  1. Disney water parks:
  1. Disney Typhoon Lagoon water park:

Another Disney water park is situated in Florida with a lot of exciting slides. It has the largest wave pool with the biggest waves of about six feet high. There is a shark reef in that water park where visitors snorkel and swim with the shark. An amazing waterslide is present with a capacity of 4 four people tubes which is about 300 feet long. Isn’t it surprising to explore plenty of adventurous slides with exciting experiences? This is one of the largest water parks in Florida.

Hotels with water parks in Florida

You are too lucky if you are living in a hotel with water parks here because it makes the environment extremely beautiful. Those water parks are as follows:

  1. Gaylord palm resorts:

This is so tempting to have a water park with your hotels. It is a theme park as well as one of the most tempting water parks in Florida. You can enjoy performing different activities like surfing, swimming, sliding, etc. This is a perfect park or a hotel for kids because of the treehouse playground, a drop water slide, etc.

  1. The grove resort Orlando:

This resort has all the facilities that you are looking for. A beautiful place with numerous slides and a resort to stay with your family. And if you have kids, they can also enjoy themselves in the zero-entry pool. It has overhead bridges, a dual flow rider, and a surf simulator for kids. You can make the most cherishing moments of your life here enjoying yourself with your family and friends.

  1. Hammock Beach resort:

It’s a family beach that relaxes you in an extremely soothing environment. Its poolside water pavilion is about 91,000 square feet. A spa tub is also there with a size of about a large swimming pool, zero-entry pool for kids, lazy river, thrilling waterslides. An indoor pool is also available, it gives an amazing experience for couples. 

  1. Orlando world center Marriott:

This is also a hotel at the beach but you can also say it is one of the amazing and beautiful water parks in Florida. Because it has six pools available in the middle known as falls pool Oasis. It has a splash area available for kids also, waterslides, big lagoon pool with hot tubs available. You will get to experience the long twisting water slides of about 200 feet long. A special thing about it is that it has a night show in which all the pools sparkle or enlighten at night.

  1. Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek:

This is also another great water park with three slides at the entrance which are available outdoor. and a lazy river for your kids zero-entry pool with a splash pad is there. This zero-entry pool flows inside the lazy river. This is one of the best places for parents to chill with their children of all ages.

  1. Coco-key hotel and water resort:

This is one of the most beautiful water parks here. Also, a hotel is one of the tempting places to visit with kids because of its colorful environment. You can take a room in the hotel near the themed water park. There are slides named Cyclone and Boomerango. Another amazing experience is of water bucket which continuously falls over the people inside the pool. You won’t be tired after a long day even.

Are water Florida parks open?

All the water parks in Florida are now open after a long time of lockdown in the entire world. The world has now adopted the way how to live in coronavirus. However, the theme parks, water parks, etc all are open with some sops. It’s mandatory to follow all the protocols otherwise you won’t be allowed to enter or to stay inside the parks. Indoor water park Florida has more protocols and does not allow a lot of people together. 

What is Florida’s largest water park?

Disney Typhoon Lagoon water park is the largest one which is also on our list. It is crowded in the peak travel time of Florida. 

When Florida Keys fishing is open?

It is open from December to June only.

What is the best water park to go to in Florida?

Disney water parks are probably the best ones to go in. The slides are quite cool and it is all about fun here. From children to adults, everyone seems to have a good time here. 


These were the top 10 water parks in Florida. Visiting these parks is perfect for a day out with the family, as it provides fun and entertainment for all types of water park enthusiasts. It will be one of the best things to do in Florida during your trip. Some travelers have been spending their entire trip in these water parks because they are so fun. Whether you are from the USA or any of the countries, it is a must-experience.