Pub is an establishment for the sale of beer and other drinks, and sometimes also food, to be consumed on specific premises. Pubs are an integral part of people residing in Britain. It’s also called pub culture there and it’s an integral part of a student’s life. Pubs are a place to go to socialize, relax and have a drink. It is something you should experience especially in Tenby if you want to learn about Brits, their culture, and even if you don’t drink. Going to pubs in Tenby is damn fun.

The world-famous British Tenby pubs are more than just a location to get a drink. It is also a unique social hub, acting as the focal point of the village, town, and city life across the country.

Throughout the years, traditional taverns and alehouses gave food and beverages to their customers, while inns provided accommodation for tired travelers. As a result, we now have a collection of magnificent watering spots, each with its unique history and richness, and Tenby and its environs are no exception. Here are a few that we think you should check out.

9 Top Tenby Pubs:

Twelve Wine Bar & Restaurant

This bar and restaurant is located in SA70 7JD, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

Twelve is a new, stylish wine bar and restaurant located in the food hub of Tenby – The Food Quarter on Upper Frog Street. With a diverse cuisine to satisfy all tastes and a good selection of wines. After-work cocktails, beverages with friends for a shared grazing plate supper, and functions are all available at our restaurant. There is much fun and enjoyment for everyone with a good assortment of wines and a wide cuisine and nice ambience. This restaurant is perfect for after-work drinks, drinks with friends over a shared grazing plate supper, and special occasions.

Tenby House Hotel 

This place is located in Tudor Sq, Tenby, SA70 7AJ, UK

Tenby House Hotel, a bed & breakfast with sixteen elegantly decorated en-suite rooms, is a great location for your stay in lovely Pembrokeshire. They also provide self-catering lodging in two adjoining cottages, which are ideal for family vacations. The place has its own Paxton’s Bistro, which is a contained restaurant at the rear of the courtyard, which is also available for weddings, private functions, and parties. 

You must visit the Tenby House Hotel with your friends, family, or spouse on the way back from the beach. You must sit back in this bar and beer garden and watch the sky. This place has wide screens where you can watch football, cricket, golf, and rugby while having your meal or drink. Every day, they make fresh meals and serve them. You can make a point of perusing their specials boards for fresh local seafood. They are within a short walk from the harbor, ensuring that they always obtain the greatest catch. When you have it, it makes the meal most amazing for you.

HARBWR Tap and Kitchen

This bar and restaurant is located at 6 St. Julians Terrace, Tenby, SA70 7BG, UK

This place is situated in the heart of Tenby’s vibrant town center, formerly The Buccaneer Inn and is called HARBWR Brewery Tap & Kitchen now. This restaurant features a huge beer garden where you may have a beer in the sun or shelter from the rain in our covered area outdoors. This place has the Harbwr Brewery accompanied by a large beer garden. People enjoy a beer in the sunshine, and they hide from rain in the outside shaded area. The important thing at this site is that the beer is developed and brewed on-site, so you must taste beer there. This place offers mouth refreshing and energetic food, including drinks, fresh and local seasonal seafood. Situated in the heart of Tenby’s vibrant town center. What adds more value to this place is that its child and dog friendly.

Tap and Kitchen offers a wide selection of beers brewed on-site at our HARBWR Brewery and Taproom, which is located near the bottom of the beer garden. A wide selection of quality wines, gins, and Welsh spirits are available at this place. This place offers delectable dishes from Welsh steaks to light meals to locally caught fresh fish. 

Once people come here, it becomes their routine to be at this place again. People give positive reviews of them and praise their fish, chips, and beer. Despite cold weather the patio heaters and covers in the beer garden keep you warm and dry.

Tavern of the Lifeboat

This place is located in W Quay Hill, Tenby, SA70 7AD, UK

For decades, the Lifeboat Tavern has been serving up good times in the heart of Tenby. The Lifeboat, located in the town square, is a nautical-themed pub with a boat-shaped bar! Excellent ambiance, energetic and geared toward a bit younger population but still enjoyable, with a sunny beer garden to the rear (heated at night). Dogs are only allowed in the beer garden, however, if they grow bored, North Beach and Castle Beach are only a five-minute walk away.

Bring your friends, mates, and a drink to get a soothing feeling—with our selection of draught beers, cask ales, and excellent wines, you’ll be able to quench your thirst after a day of seeing Tenby’s sights and sounds. You can enjoy live music in the evening here too, listening to this music will hit your feelings and chords inside your heart. They have some extraordinary ways of serving. 

If you want to celebrate someone’s birthday, engagement, work to do, a meetup of friends, and some funky celebrations, this place is a must choose. This kitchen is open every day, serving excellent pub grub at its finest, sharing plates and bar snacks. Even if you want to plan a party, you can take help from their customer support, they will help you make your party or occasion memorable for years.

Sandbar and Cwlbox

This restaurant is located in Upper Frog Street, Tenby, SA70 7JD, UK

It’s time to take a break at this bar after seeing St Mary’s Church. On the menu, you’ll find succulent beef ribs, bean burgers, and breaded pork. Sandbar serves delicious brioche toasts, coconut buns, and mango sticky rice. Visitors can choose from a variety of exquisite craft beer, gin, or light ale. This is an excellent spot to go if you want to try some great coffee or a good tonic.

The history behind this place is that Rob Faulkner and James Beaven opened The Sandbar in 2016, in addition to their celebrated brewery, Tenby Brewing Co. In June 2020, they welcomed Clbox to take over the kitchen, believing that their menu would best complement their alcohol offerings. Sandbar and Clbox serve superb independent beverages as well as a fantastic brunch and dinner menu that is fresh, local, and free-range wherever feasible.

Locals, readers, and tourists choose this popular place as it offers casual and a relaxed dining experience. The place utilizes the best available local ingredients to make amazing food and serves various beers, ciders, and spirits sourced from independent producers. This place is a must-visit for you when you are tired and want to be relaxed.


This place is located in Lower Frog Street, Tenby, SA70 7JB, UK

In the center of Tenby, a boutique bar, restaurant, and hotel in the former British Legion Club. The Billycan exudes personality, with its sleek and basic design with a modern twist contributing to its allure. The Billycan provides something for everyone, offering guests a comfortable eating experience of lunch, evening dinners, luxury double beds, or just a casual drink by the bar. The Billycan, located within Tenby’s castle walls, offers a wide range of craft ales, lagers, wine, and a large gin list to suit all tastes. A big menu selection made entirely of wonderful locally sourced ingredients, with enough variety to make your taste buds thrill.

The Billycan has a lot of personalities, and the sleek and basic design with a modern twist adds to its allure. The Billycan has something for everyone, including lunch, evening dinners, luxurious double beds, and even a casual drink at the bar.

The place has lush king-size rooms, each with a calm atmosphere, nice ambiance, and fully furnished with various amenities. It has an open-concept kitchen, dining room, and living room, as well as a small balcony. A huge walk-in shower and a jacuzzi bath are included too. The penthouse suite, which features a magnificent chandelier above a large glass dining table, will make you feel at home away from home with added excitement. This place must be in your top choices to stay or spend some days if you are a tourist.

Dale the Griffin

The place is located in SA62 3RB Dale, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, UK

The Griffin is a relaxed and pleasant coastal bar on the outskirts of Milford Haven, overlooking a vast bay that surrounds the entrance to the town. In the summer, it’s a beautiful area to sit outside with a pint and watch the board sailors and dinghies skimming across the lake, as well as the massive tankers feeding Britain’s main oil port in the distance.

Village fishermen supply the restaurant with seafood for the specialties board, while newly arrived licensees have boosted the gastronomic offering by focusing on regional ingredients. Popular Welsh ales such as Tomos Watkin and Reverend James are on tap, and in the winter, residents are entertained by periodic quizzes and theme evenings. Feel free to visit this place in Tenby to explore more about it.


The place is located in Upper Frog Street, Tenby, SA70 7JD, UK

The Normandie is one of the few bars in Tenby’s charming seaside resort that is ensconced between the old town walls and Upper Frog Street. The Normandie, formerly a coaching inn, is today a dynamic, cosmopolitan bar and restaurant with lodging. It is more suited to singletons and couples who want to have fun rather than a quiet, serene holiday because it might be noisy at night due to street noise and a late license.

The Normandie is a dynamic trendy bar with an urban vibe that is ideal for ‘young at heart’ regardless of their age. The soothing and relaxing atmosphere, music, and amazing selection of chilled beers and wines make this place a must-visit.

This place has a bar and a lounge, courtyard, restaurant, and bedrooms. Delicious meals, beautiful wines, and great beers are the focus at ‘The Normandie,’ making it a favorite hangout for residents and visitors alike. If you are seeking for a central location to stay then you must not look further than The Normandie. This place provides great en-suite accommodations in the center of town.

Wisemans Bridge Inn

The place is located in Wisemans Bridge, Saundersfoot, Wales SA69 9AU, UK

This classic bar and restaurant are always thrilled to welcome visitors, whether it’s for a quick drink, a lunch, or even a full vacation, and they look forward to sharing the enchantment of Wisemans Bridge with you and providing you with a warm family welcome. This bar is at an ideal location as it is on a bridge that is a delightful bay on the scenic coast road. 

You can enjoy a dinner or even a quiet drink while admiring the magnificent sweeping views of Carmarthen Bay from either their dining room or their garden, which goes all the way down to the shore. On a relaxing summer day, you’ll be tempted to stay! There is a selection of authentic ales on tap and bar snacks and evening meals. The inn is popular with families, and youngsters get the same warm welcome as adults.


Which pubs are in Tenby?

You can see the widely discussed places in the article above. These all are situated in Tenby, United Kingdom. 

Is Tenby a decent place to spend an evening?

Yeah, Tenby is a decent place to spend your evening regardless of whether you are a local, tourist, or reader. This place is going to leave long memories in your mind. 

What cuisine is Tenby renowned for?

Tenby is a very popular coastal town, so it’s expected that fresh seafood and fish play a prominent part, but if you’re in the mood for something more substantial, try their Welsh black rib-eye steak or slow-cooked pork belly.