Silent Yachts, a solar boat builder and designer, has released fresh details on the SILENT-60, a 60-foot catamaran with 42 solar cells and two electric driven motors, all powered by a 286-kilowatt-hour battery. While each of Silent Yachts are unique, the SILENT-60, one of the best creations, has nine to thirteen square meter kite like wings that will provide additional green power to propel the yacht.

Heike and Michael Köhle created Silent Yachts after sailing over 75,000 nmi across the world and realizing there was a better method to propel yachts with sustainable energy.

These Yachts began researching solar yacht systems in 2004 and acquired 5 years of cruising data before building the Solarwave 46, its first completely self solar-powered sailboat.

Silent Yachts has a successful solar yacht prototype after a five-year trial at ocean that started in 2010, and initiated serial manufacturing of premium sustainable boats in 2016 well with SILENT-64. By 2018, the SILENT-64 had made history as the first solar-powered clearwater sailboat to traverse the Atlantic in 2 weeks, sailing from Cartagena, Spain to Barbados.

The business established a cooperation with Volkswagen Group in 2020, with the latter providing all of the equipment and motors for a new 50-foot boat. Cupra will assist in the design of the yacht, which will be built on VW’s MEB System.

Silent Yachts debuted the SILENT-60, a much more capable, redesigned version of the SILENT-64, previously this year. The SILENT-60 sailboat, according to the company’s recent announcement, will set itself apart from existing solar yachts by employing even more environmentally friendly propulsion technology.

Here’s a list of top silent yachts for sale that are worth buying:

  • SILENT-60

Other than being a solar-powered yacht, Silent Yachts has already offered an extra kite wing alternative for the Silent-60 which provides even more cleaner reach.

The SILENT-60 is among the best yachts & may be the first boat to be equipped with a nine or thirteen sq m kite-like wing, as per the press announcement, however the option would now be accessible across all Silent Yacht variants.

The small kite moves away on the seabed after being deployed before being pulled, directed and launched into the air. The kite starts to make a “figure 8” in the sky once it achieves its ideal flight height, creating more strength to pull the solar boat. Michael Köhler, the founder of Silent Yacht, articulates.

As yacht owners desire to quit kiting, an automatic program moves the kite to a point directly above the boat with the least amount of line draw. This makes electric jack knifing down over the deck of a ship for stowage much easier.

The SILENT-60 can operate effectively with zero greenhouse gas emissions using just renewable energy for up to 100 miles off the coast per day and sustain that pace for months. The vessel’s maximum velocity is 6-8 knots, however the all-electric motors allow it to reach a top speed of 20 knots.

The SILENT-60 comes standard with four passenger cabins, and for those ready to pay a little more, an unique arrangement can be constructed. The SILENT-60, by the way, begins at 2.69 million dollars.

Each of these SILENT-60 solar yachts were made in Thailand, however future ones will be built in Italy, according to the business. Silent Yachts has also revealed conceptual design for the SILENT-80 and SILENT-100 Expedition yachts.

  • SILENT 80 

The vessel’s environmentally friendly aspect is one of its most appealing features. It’s mostly made of recycled materials that are both attractive and environmentally friendly. On top of the spared no expense, there are also 70 photovoltaic that provide 26kWp of power. 

The green energy will be stored in lithium ion batteries, which are used to operate the vessel’s interior comforts and allow it to cruise at night.

When it comes to sailing, the catamaran is equipped with a pair of strong electric motors, each with its own power output of up to 340 kW in the most modern version, giving the vessel a top speed of 20 mph and a range of up to 100 miles each day. 

That indicates you can cruise silently and without emitting any pollutants to very much anyplace you want without using any energy. 

  • SILENT 55 

When it comes to pop yachts, the Silent 55 appears to be a conventional modern sailboat from the dock side, with a large coachroof perforated with glass and a flybridge tiller. There isn’t a mast, though. Please bear with me on this. 

The catamaran’s distinctive attributes are only visible from the top, in which an area of solar panels incorporated in the coachroof runs fore and aft. More panels are carried by the hard top, which can be pulled down flush to create a 49m2 solar array that is not shadowed. 

These jet yachts are capable of creating 10kW of power and even to 60kWh of power over the course of a warm day in the Mediterranean.

  • SILENT 44 

The luxurious yacht Silent 44 will be the range’s entry level model. Silent Yachts’ smallest catamaran to date is an ocean liner photovoltaic solar yacht that satisfies the greatest shipbuilding requirements, protects the climate, and makes no sacrifices in terms of luxury floating at the very same time.

The electric powered 30 kW motors produce a max speed of 12 mph in the conventional configuration, but the power can be expanded to 2×80 kW. Without sacrificing any of the comforts of a fully electric yacht, it is conceivable to travel the oceans with pristine solar energy.

Wrapping Up 

Imagine silently cruising with no footprints other than those in the sand on faraway beaches. It’s feasible with such solar sailing vessels! Back once they were just concepts, we investigated these incredible solar-electric yachts.

In this article we have listed some of the best selling & excellent silent cruises. If you are looking to invest or buy a silent yacht, they are worth it. If you have got anything else on your list, share with us in the comment section. We would love to hear from you!