Niagara Falls has many beautiful tourist attractions that make it worth visiting. It is on the Niagara River, New York. This beautiful city is famous for its attractive Niagara Falls that go with Canadian Border. Moreover, its Prospect Point, Observation Tower, and State Park have always been the central attraction of tourists. All the water scenes add to the beauty of the city. One who loves aqua scenes must visit this beautiful city. To make a trip worth enjoying, one should not only explore the parks and tourist attractions but also hotels and restaurants. For food lovers, in particular, exploring this aspect is crucial. Niagara Falls NY hotels have a unique taste that will make your trip quite pleasant. 

Being an ancient city, Niagara Falls NY features many hotels that have a magical taste. There are so many things to do in Niagara Falls, NY. No matter what is the taste of a person, he’ll find all kinds of food in this attractive city. In the later section, we’ll break down some hotels of this city that have a marvelous taste. Let’s move down to explore this guide to learn where to dine in Niagara Falls. 

7 Top Rated Niagara Falls NY Hotels

Depending on their taste, here are the top-rated Niagara Falls NY Hotels. All these hotels have a vast menu and excellent taste. Let’s see which one suits your taste well. 

1- Seneca Niagara Casino & Resort 

It is about just 1 km away from Niagara Falls. Seneca Niagara Casino and Resort is one of the best places to dine in Niagara. Particularly, if you’re a newlywed couple or are in search of any date point in the city, this hotel is the best option for you. Furthermore, the building is so decent and delightful that you’ll fall in love once you visited this place. 

If you come to relax after a busy day’s tiredness, this hotel also offers a spa. Being at Seneca Niagara Resort will offer you a chance to have a body massage. This will relax you no matter how much you’re tired after the whole day’s visit. Along with their mouth-watering recipes, they also offer all your favorite beverages. So, you can enjoy your favorite meal with beer of your choice. 

2-  Niagara Crossing Hotel

Being one of the oldest Niagara Falls NY hotels, Niagara Crossing Hotel and Spa has all that one loves to have. This hotel has an ancient American history and offers all the recipes that Americans love. The hotel’s location is so attractive that it offers a beautiful view of the gorgeous river of Niagara. So, enjoying while sitting and dining at this hotel will add to your trip’s enjoyment. 

This hotel is well known throughout Niagara Falls for its tasty menu and its service. All its rooms are equipped with soaking tubs and fireplaces. That’s why this hotel will also be an ideal choice no matter what the weather is. 

3- Sheraton Restaurant Niagara Falls

Sheraton Restaurant is one of the biggest dining places in Niagara Falls. Comprising of about 391 rooms, this hotel is a unique place to stay and enjoy in Niagara Falls. This hotel is located a few steps away from the Seneca Niagara Resort. For maximum comfort of their guests, this room offers a unique service and facilities to their visitors. Each room of the hotel has a fully functional microwave, specially designed safes, and refrigerators. Moreover, it is one of the hotels in Niagara Falls New York with a Fallsview. 

Along with dining features, this hotel offers all that is required to have fun and to remain fit. The inbuilt fitness club, spa, and pools are great ways to have fun. If you’re in Niagara Falls with your team or group of friends, this hotel will be a great option due to all the facilities that it offers. Its well-equipped parks will keep your children engaged in healthy activities. So, consider this place too when you’re in Niagara Falls for a visit or any business trip. 

4- Quality Inn Restaurant 

Just like its name, the services of Quality Inn Restaurant of Niagara Falls are excellent. It’s located near the Fashion Outlets near the international airport of Niagara Falls. It has an inbuilt swimming pool, you’ll love its service as well as the facilities that this hotel offers. They have transportation facilities too that are a great facility for the visitors who visit this one of the best Niagara Falls NY hotels. 

5- The Cadence Restaurant

Whether you’re in Niagara Falls for a business meeting or a trip, the Cadence Restaurant will be ideal for you to stay and dine. This hotel has a decent building that is equipped with all kinds of facilities like air conditioners, microwaves, coffee makers, and attached bathrooms. Their quick service accompanied by all the facilities will make your experience quite pleasant. Furthermore, it is one of the best places to stay Niagara Falls NY. 

The Cadence Restaurant is one of the major dinner places in Niagara that has many nearest popular places like Niagara Falls Conference Center, Old Falls Street, and American Falls. If you’re at any of these places for any business meeting or shopping, Cadence is the best place for you to have a meal.  

6- Red Coach Inn Restaurant

For those who love a restaurant with a romantic environment, Red Coach Inn Restaurant is the best choice. Being at this hotel, you’ll feel like traveling through the old Niagara. This restaurant is located right opposite Niagara Falls state park. So, it’s always flooded with visitors. 

The taste of this place, like many Niagara Falls NY hotels, is fantastic. Choose this place if you want to stay a single night or a day during your visit. Moreover, the elegant decor accompanied by the pleasant noise of waterfalls makes the infernal environment very pleasant. 

7- DoubleTree Hotel Niagara Falls NY

The Double Hotel Niagara Falls is one of the best hotels by Hilton. This giant hotel has about 192 rooms that make it available for all visitors. All its recipes have a marvelous taste. So, whether you want to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this hotel will offer great taste with excellent service. 

All rooms of this restaurant are decent and equipped with all facilities. This hotel with best view of Niagara Falls is situated near Old Falls Street and Niagara Conference center. It has a fitness club, conference rooms, and many other facilities. Like pools, attached bathrooms, and many more. If you’re with your family or business partners, this hotel will be great for you to have dinner late at night. 

Where should I stay on the New York side of Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls has many taste palaces but the above-mentioned options will be great. So, try to choose any of the above restaurants in Niagara Falls for a pleasant experience. 

Is it better to stay in Buffalo or Niagara Falls?

Staying in Buffalo will be economical as it is a cheaper place than Niagara Falls. However, it has no special tourist attraction. So you’ll have to travel to Niagara Falls to explore nature. So, it’s good to stay and enjoy the best hotels overlooking Niagara Falls. 

What are the best hotels near Niagara Falls State Park?

We have mentioned the top-rated hotels near Niagara Falls NY. Choose any of them for a tasteful stay. Like Doubletree, Red coach inn, Niagara crossing, etc. 

Do any US hotels have views of Niagara Falls?

No, no hotel offers a perfect view of Niagara Falls. But you can visit the Niagara Falls American side hotels to enjoy the beauty of this place. 

Final Verdict
Niagara Falls has many beautiful natural places to visit. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful place, it’s good to have a thorough understanding of where to stay and dine in this city. We’ve discussed seven top-rated Niagara Falls NY Hotels in the above section. Choose any of them for a pleasant experience.