Florida is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, with great vacations like hotels, beaches, etc. If you plan to go on vacation at the beach to spend some quality time with your friends or family, then Hollywood Florida hotels are probably the best idea to stay and enjoy. 

A great thing about it is that you won’t be so far away from famous restaurants, shops, and beachfront bars. People visit Hollywood beach boardwalk hotels because they are not far from bars, shops, etc. They have also considered luxury hotels with all the facilities provided to the guests.

Hollywood Florida hotels list:

Following are some of the best Hollywood Beach Florida hotels which have all the facilities to pamper you guys:

1: Casa Pellegrino boutique hotel:

It won’t be wrong to say that this is considered the best boutique hotel inside Hollywood beach. This fantastic hotel is found in the Tropical Breeze Motel. It was opened in 1947, BUT the Pellegrino family bought it, renovated its best interiors to make it more attractive, and opened it again in 2017. This family is from Italy so you will find everything Italian, Spanish, etc. First, they will give you a warm welcome and treat you like a family. There are thirteen rooms inside the hotel, and you will get a homemade Limoncello, fruits, etc. when you get inside the house. 

All the rooms have different attractive themes and are named over the Mediterranean cities like Santorini, Sardinia, etc. Everything will be according to Italy, even the wines also. These are the best hotels in Hollywood, Florida, on the beach boardwalk because of great hospitality and many other things.

2: The diplomat beach resort Hollywood:

If you want to visit a beach with family friends to make your trip “unforgettable”, then this one of the best Hollywood Florida hotels is the best hotel to stay in. These are the most phenomenal   Hollywood beach Florida hotels. It has the most extraordinary things available like pools outside and inside both. 

You can play golf, tennis, etc. If you are interested in sports, you won’t regret going there. It offers a breathtaking atmosphere, a beach with chairs, and an umbrella to chill. Not only this but for eating or drinking this hotel has plenty of options available for the people of all age groups like coffee, pastries, etc., with sophisticated rooms. You will feel like a king or queen while chilling and watching TV on 55-inch HDTVs.

3: Walkabout beach resort:

This is also one of the best Hollywood Florida hotels, and it’s a boutique hotel with many unique and unforgettable rooms inside it that includes beach cottage, studios, etc. Whatever room you choose, you will be provided with all the facilities and exceptional services to make you feel like a king with a kitchen. All the rooms are sophisticatedly made and embellished with a beautiful color pallet. In the evening you can get drinks at a discount.

4: Hotel Sheldon:

This is one of the modern Hollywood Florida hotels with stylish rooms with adjustable chairs, plushy beds, etc. If you want to have a beautiful view, you should book the rooms with equipped and embellished balconies. 

None of the bars inside this hotel, but the staff will provide you coffee and water for free. At the same time, you can dine in the restaurants and go to the bar that is only some steps away from the hotel.

5: Margaritaville Hollywood beach resort:

This is the most luxurious Hollywood Florida hotel with pools inside it and almost eight restaurants and bars, and It offers the best services to all the guests. The rooms are beached with comfortable beds, chairs, attractive furniture, etc. Some of the rooms have private balconies, and you guys can also enjoy the sunset and enjoy music.

6: The Dolphin Hollywood:

This was one of the most beautiful motels in Hollywood, Florida, in the year 1950; the best thing is that there are multiple shops, bars, and restaurants available. All the rooms are creatively designed with kitchen and kitchenettes that include a fridge, microwave, etc. If you guys like BBQ, then this Hollywood Florida hotel is the perfect option for you.

7: Circ:

This Hollywood, Florida hotel is the most fantastic hotel ever, and you guys can sit around the pool and sip cocktails. It has the perfect rooftops, restaurants, etc. You can order delicious food while sitting inside the hotel, such as Pasta, etc. while chilling with your friends with an iconic view. This has the largest rooms with captivating décor and ceiling windows, and you can also watch movies on a large screen with friends.

8: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood:

This is a lavish Hollywood, Florida hotel with all the amenities, and you guys can chill with friends because it has a music theme with the best dine-in restaurants available. You can even enjoy massages in the spa, play games, and perform many exhilarating activities. You will never get bored while sitting over there, and you guys can also rent a guitar for singing because it’s a musical theme. It also has perfectly embellished rooms with plenty of facilities.  

9: Hollywood beach suites and hotel:

It’s one of the top-rated Hollywood beachside boutique suites and a perfect place to travel with family and friends with unique and stylish rooms with captivating décor, private rooms, bedroom suites, etc. Start your morning with a cup of coffee. You guys can do jet skiing, fishing, etc., the beach and the famous Hollywood brewing company are beside the hotel. So, if you are craving some delicious burgers, you can go there. This hotel provides the best amenities, even bath products, towels, etc., for free.

10: Riptide Oceanfront hotel: 

This is one of the most beautiful Hollywood Florida hotels with an iconic ocean view, providing all the facilities for the guests. If you want to have a family vacation or a romantic dinner, you should go for it. It has restaurants, bars, etc. You can have food while enjoying live music. If you want to have hot dogs, etc. ten, you should avail of their BBQ services. Almost 21 rooms are probably the best and unique décor with comfy beds. It’s a perfect package with all the services.

Hollywood, Florida, is the most iconic vacation option, but you need to check in to the best restaurants to add some fun to your vacations. People experience some pleasant surprises by having great and delicious food. Usually, people over there prefer to eat seafood because that is very famous because of its great taste and best services.

What are some of the best hotels with ocean views in Hollywood?

There are plenty of hotels, but Riptide Oceanfront hotel is one of the most beautiful and famous hotels. It offers the best services with breathtaking oceanic views, restaurants, and different activities.

What beach in Florida has the cheapest hotels?

Following are some of the affordable restaurants that will make your tastebuds spoil in this beautiful and amazing destination.

1: Island Bay resort

2: The sea spray resort

3: Tiki on the beach

4: Sanibel Moorings

5: Inn at the beach


Florida is considered the most beautiful and captivating city in the United States because of its great atmosphere and the best places available for vacation. You guys can even have the best romantic treat with your loved ones and even with friends and family members. 

So, if you guys are interested in visiting the Hollywood Florida hotels, this article will surely help you choose the right hotel. Almost all the hotels provide the best services and a comfortable environment with a perfect beach view. But you can choose according to your preferences and choices. 

The resort rooms are beautiful and highly impressive, with almost all the facilities for the guests. Once you visit here, it will indeed become the favorite restaurant of everyone. It provides all the amenities in the whole of the house, and that feels amazing to all the guests. It has a well-equipped kitchen and offers all the kitchenettes like refrigerators, etc. You can even book it for wedding festivities or other functions.