If you ever visit Wales, it is a must to visit this beautiful and small fishing village in it. Most travelers are looking for a getaway. You might be exhausted from all the hard work and the hectic routine. You have earned this trip for your refreshment and it is time to get connected with nature again. You have to witness the seaside of Tenby island that you will fall in love with. Whether you are a solo traveler, coming with friends or family, there are so many amazing things to do in Tenby for you. 

The truth is that you will require a guide to mark the best places to see and things to do here for a perfect visit. 

Top 10 things to do in Tenby:

  1. North and South beaches of Tenby:

As a person who is in love with nature, you will never get enough of Tenby beach. Now, there are so many so which one you should visit. You should start with Tenby North beach as it has some of the great views that will take your breath away. After that give your whole say to the Tenby South beach which has the best sandy beaches and beautiful small resorts. You will love the weather over here which is perfect for travelers. 

Castle Beach is also a popular option where you can enjoy quiet time with your family. It is a small beach and not very crowded so perfect for people who want to relax in the sun. 

  1. Give a visit to the Tenby museum and art gallery:

In our list of best things to do in Tenby, we have the museum and art gallery. We cannot get enough that even a small village has carefully preserved the European culture and history. If you want to know more about this place, then give it a chance to learn about Tenby.

  1. St. Mary’s Church:

We are quite familiar with the beautiful European architecture and designs when it comes to churches. Just like that, you will love this. It is a tall building that takes us back to the 15th century. Even having such an old history, the church is very airy and beautiful. You must take a look at the 500 years old memorials that are present here. 

  1. RNLI lifeboat station:

There were many lifeboat stations in Tenby Wales but one of the current workings is RNLI. You can go over there to buy souvenirs and even take a look at the station.

  1. The Ghost walk:

It is time to spook yourself by joining a tour to witness the mysterious corners in Tenby. Moreover, it is one of the best things to do in Tenby recommended by travelers. You will feel the thrill and even get goosebumps getting all the information about ghosts and other paranormal activities. 

  1. Tudor merchant house:

It is one of the famous destinations in Tenby that is on every traveler’s bucket list. This house belongs to a very rich family in the 16th century. You must visit this house and witness the beautiful architecture and design. The style of the Tudor family was very popular and the house is proof of that. 

  1. National park center:

The Pembrokeshire national park is a must-visit if you are traveling with family. It is a perfect place for kids and even for every age. You can watch films here, see the old walls of this place, and explore the wildlife of Tenby.

  1. Eat icecream on the beach:

Well, you might say that how it is an important thing and why should you add it to your bucket list. Tenby sells some of its very popular ice cream on the beaches. So, while making some of your sandcastles, taste the delicious treat of this small village. 

  1. Fishing is a must here:

Even if you are experienced in fishing or not, you can try this amazing experience here. Among so many things to do in Tenby, the famous is the fishing community and its harbor. So, do not miss on that. It could be a new kind of experience for you.

  1. Harbor Brewery Tenby:

It is a small bar hub where the locals make their beers and other drinks. So, while you are exploring the beauty of this place, try the local food and drinks. You will get to know more about the people by drinking brewery with some locals. 

Weather on Tenby:

Even though Tenby is a popular destination, half of the year here is cold. Even in the cold, it rains a lot and there could be snow as well. In the other half, it rains most of the time or is sunny. If you are tired of the winters, then come to Tenby in the summers. But, some travelers come from a hot and humid place themselves, so the recommendation would be winter. 

The thing that every traveler should remember is that they must dress according to the Tenby weather. Your packing should include everything that you might need for your trip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a funfair in Tenby?

Well, if we talk about the past then there was none. As we said, it is a small village and quite calm. But, due to the traveler’s demand and the rising praises of this destination, there is going to be one. For the very first time, St. Matthews Fair will be held at Five Arches car park on weekends. 

What is special about Tenby?

Tenby is quite popular for its boating and fishing community. Even though there are so many other things to do in Tenby, still people love the fishing experience here. You can enjoy some time in the harbor with your friends and catch a fish. Moreover, the sandy beaches here could be the perfect honeymoon destination for couples.

What is there to do in Tenby in the evening?

Firstly, dancing is one of the best things to go for Tenby evenings. You will see a lot of people dancing the night away. Moreover, you can try out the small bars and restaurants where they are DJs, open mic night, and so much more. 

Is Tenby worth visiting?

After being one of the best destinations in Europe for summer, Tenby has become popular. It is a worth-visiting place due to its scenic views, breathtaking beaches, and calm life. You will also love the people over here who are quite friendly. 

Does Tenby have a pier?

Yes, there was one old the Royal Victoria pier which is now structured again and today it is the lifeboat station of Tenby.

Is Tenby a good family holiday?

Yes, it is. One of the best reasons why families prefer this destination is because is small and calm. You can walk with strollers and kids here and never worry about the crowd. There are a variety of shops, restaurants and shopping malls. Moreover, there are some great activities for kids too. So, in Tenby, every person can enjoy the meaning of traveling. 


Here are some of the best things to do in Tenby that will help you enjoy the best time in this place. And, if you are still looking out for some breathtaking destinations in Europe, try Tenby and you will fall in love with this place. 

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