Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in Central America. It has many tourist attractions that make it a great place to plan a visit. Though Costa Rica is not considered a safe state, it has now controlled the crimes to a great extent. Over the years, it has been risky to visit this country as it has many issues like child abuse, kidnapping, robbery, and many more. But its management has controlled all these issues to a great extent and it’s now considered a safe place to explore the beauty of nature. Out of all the attractions, volcanoes, beaches, and biodiversity are worth seeing there. Due to its beautiful beaches, Costa Rica Resorts are very attractive. You can choose any of them to enjoy with your family or friends. 

For passionate lovers of natural beauty, Costa Rica is the best place to visit. Its volcanoes, wildlife parks, national parks, and many other places offer beautiful sceneries. This state also features two international airports that will make your traveling quite easy. One airport is in its capital, San Rose, and another is in north Liberia. You can choose any of the beautiful Costa Rica resorts, here is a list of the most popular resorts in this area. 

Top Costa Rica Resorts to Visit

Here are the top-rated Costa Rica Resorts, you can choose any of them for your next trip. 

1- W Costa Rica Resort 

Located in between the beautiful trees and the Pacific Ocean, W Costa Rica Resort I’d one of the most attractive resorts in the state. For those who are choosing the Liberia international airport for their travel, this resort is the best option. This resort is located in the Conchal Beach region and is so beautifully built that you’ll love to be there again and again after your first visit. It is one of the best hotels in Costa Rica

The reason that attracts the people towards this resort is that it has amenities according to one’s budget. It has all options ranging from five-star to entry-level rooms. All its rooms are clean and well equipped with the essentials of life. Built-in the modern style, all its rooms are decent and have all the required facilities. 

For those who want to stay more than a single day in Costa Rica, W Costa Rica Resort offers a variety of restaurants to choose from. One can reside at any of the three restaurants offering their services over there. Along with this, it has lots of other amenities like a golf course, beach club, swimming pool, spa, and so on. All this keeps the W Costa Rica Resort almost busy for the whole year. 

2- Four Season Resort 

Four Season Resort is one of the top-rated Costa Rica Resorts. With its five-star rating, this resort offers all the facilities that a tourist will love to have. It’s located in Peninsula Papagayo. The location of this resort is very attractive as it is situated in between the two beaches. Whether you’re planning your honeymoon trip or want to enjoy it with your family, the Four Seasons Resort is the best choice for you.

The Four Seasons Resort has all the facilities for the enjoyment of the children. The specialized children swimming pools, kids club, and children’s park will add to your children’s enjoyment. The spas are ideal for adults too who want to relax after a thorough busy day. You will love it as it is one of the top Costa Rica beach hotels

The rooms of the Four Seasons Resort are beautifully decorated. These are decorated with stones, bamboo, and attractive wood accents. Depending on your budget, you can book a room accordingly. Some rooms have personalized pools while others don’t. Other facilities that this resort offers include golf clubs, outdoor swimming pools, and a variety of restaurants. This has a booking option as well as on-spot booking. 

3- Andaz Costa Rica Resort 

When it comes to the largest Costa Rica resorts, the name of Andaz Costa Rica Resort will fall on the top of the list. Its area is about 28 acres including the tropical hills as well. Like Four Seasons Resort, this one is also located in Peninsula Papagayo. So, living here will be the best way to explore the beauty of nature. 

The resort is surrounded by a jungle luxe vibe. The lofty rooms are so beautifully designed that one will feel like residing in the treehouse or clouds. Moreover, the rooms are equipped with high-end lines of comfy beds. From this lofty place, one will have a chance to enjoy the beach to its fullest. 

The resort offers lots of amenities. The facilities that this beautiful place offers include the swimming pools, small beaches, restaurants, and spa. For health-conscious people, a fitness club is also there that will help you maintain your health. The golf courses are also there that are in between the two main buildings. 

4- Villa Buena Onda Resort

If you’re visiting with your children, in particular, to the Costa Rica Resorts, this one is not for you. However, if you’re with your adult family members or friends, this one will be ideal for you. This is the nicest boutique that offers a thorough look at the major beaches and small islands. This place is famous for its taste, so you’ll enjoy the tasty foods when you’re in Villa Buena Onda Resort. 

A benefit of this resort is that one can also visit the nearest beach called the Playa Ocotal. Both these places have lots of beautiful places to explore and can take yoga classes too. The Villa Buena Onda resort has spacious rooms that offer a beautiful view of the ocean from the giant windows. 

Other amenities include the swimming pool and spa that offer a variety of massages to relax after the whole day’s tiredness. Residing there, you can manage any fishing or diving activities. If you’re planning to visit Costa Rica via Liberia international airport, this resort is another best option for you to enjoy.

5- Rancho Pacifico Resort

This is also a giant resort that consists of almost 250 acres. It is one of the best resorts in Costa Rica for couples. However, Rancho Pacifico Resort is also only for adults, so being there with your children is not wise. The luxury property has a beautiful building that is decorated decently. For honeymoon couples, in particular, this romantic place is the perfect option. The resort is surrounded by tropical rainforest that adds to its beauty. 

The rooms are specially designed by keeping the idea of romance in mind. Also, the attached outdoor showers and pools make them even more beautiful. The internal decor of the rooms is increased with the special stones. 

The taste of restaurants attached to the resort has a very great taste. The resort also has attached spas that are a great way to relax after a thorough day’s tiredness. Being there, you can manage all your activities like horse riding, hiking, and so on. 

6- Tulemar Manuel Antonio Resort 

Tulemar Manuel Antonia resort is a regular resort that offers all that is required to relax. It consists of almost 33 acres and has thick trees all around it. The rooms look like they are located in trees and lofty clouds. The internal decoration of the rooms is also outstanding, for couples in particular. The romantic environment of the rooms makes them perfect for couples. 

You’ll have great amenities while in the Tulemar Manuel Antonia resort. Its swimming pools, personal beach, restaurants with tasty and trendy taste, and quick service make it an ideal one for maximum enjoyment. The grounds of the resort also have paths specialized for walking. This is a great addition to enjoying the beauty of nature at night. You’ll have great fun while you’re at the Tulemar Manuel Antonio resort. 

7- Arenas Del Mar Resort

Arenas Del Mar Resort is one of the best Costa Rica Resorts on the beach. On the one end, it has Manuel Antonio National Park and the beach on the other hand. So, it’s the best option when it comes to Costa Rica resorts. The wildlife park of the Arenas Del Mar Resort has a variety of wild animals. So, being there will offer you a chance to enjoy the trip to its fullest. For natural scenery lovers, this place is the best option. 

It’s not a big-sized resort like many other resorts in the country. It has almost 38 rooms that have different sizes. One can book a room that suits his family or friends well. One can have great fun by self-cooking and many other activities. All the rooms of the hotel are beautifully decorated which adds to the beauty of the resort. 

For organic food lovers, the restaurants of the resort offer a unique taste. Along with its tasty restaurants, the spa and swimming pools are also there. Both these facilities offer you a chance to enjoy and have fun. All these features of this resort make it ideal for maximum fun. 

8- Bahia del Sol Resort

Situated on Portero Beach, Bahia del Sol Resort is a decent place that is surrounded by beautiful gardens and bushes. For swimmers, this resort is a perfect choice as its beach is calm and quiet. No heavy waves will disturb them. The patio umbrella and lounge setup of the resort make it appealing and attractive. 

The resort is not so big and has almost 28 rooms. All its rooms are well furnished with Costa Rican-style fabrics and decor. This Costa Rica Resort for families is especially accommodated for families too, which means it’s good to be there with your children and other members of your family. All the rooms have special kitchens that give a chance for self-cooking. 

Other amenities that this resort offers include the fitness club, yoga club with special classes, spas, pools, and tasty restaurants. All these things make these places ideal to enjoy and relax in Costa Rica resorts. 

Which part of Costa Rica is the best to stay in?

Depending on the airport that you’re going to choose for your travel, you can choose any of the above places to stay. All these places are the best to stay, dine, and relax.  

What part of Costa Rica has all-inclusive resorts?

The Liberia international airport’s side of Costa Rica has maximum inclusive resorts

Is all-inclusive worth it in Costa Rica resorts?

No, you should not visit the all-inclusive as it is too risky. Make sure to search before you travel. These are some of the most important things to do when visiting Costa Rica. 

Final Verdict 
Being in Costa Rica means that you have a chance to explore the beauty of nature. Its beaches and wildlife make this country an adventurous place to visit. Costa Rica Resorts have all the facilities that a visitor will love to have. There are many Caribbean Costa Rica resorts here, however, the above-mentioned places are the best to enjoy and explore the natural beauty.