Bermuda is a beautiful island that is home to up to 650,000 inhabitants. The British Overseas Territory also boasts of hosting hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Going to the island for a vacation can be an exciting experience that will leave you with precious memories.

Not only are there beautiful beaches to enjoy, but Bermuda also has numerous social activities for you to explore, ranging from guided tours, festivals, competitions, cultures, and historical destinations. But for most travellers, choosing the best time to go to Bermuda can be an uphill task.

Our article is an in-depth guide on the best and worst time to go to Bermuda, according to Wendt Today.

Best time to go to Bermuda

Bermuda sits 650 miles north of the Caribbean Islands and a few hours away from Florida’s Coast. As a traveller, you need to consider several things when thinking about the Best time to visit Bermuda.

First, your budget matters a lot. The island has a peak season and a low season. You should go during the low seasons if you want to get cheap travel prices, accommodation, and tour prices. Prices tend to hike during the peak (high) seasons to cater for the rising demand of visitors.

The second thing you need to think about is the activity you want to do. Bermuda’s sub-tropical climate hugely affects tourists’ activities when they get there. For instance, swimming or engaging in water sports may not be impossible to do when the temperatures are low. But again, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other activities.

Since Bermuda doesn’t have a large population, it offers tourists a private chance to enjoy their vacation. Hence, this brings us to the third factor. If you want to enjoy some level of privacy, you should visit the island during the low seasons when the beaches, restaurants, and other destinations are less crowded.

  • Bermuda’s Summer Season

If you would like to enjoy everything that Bermuda offers, then going during the summer is the best time to be there. Normally, this is between May and September. The temperatures during this time are between 70 and 80F. The seawater is warm, making it perfect for swimming, snorkelling, beach bathing, and other water sports.

Summer is also the best time to go to Bermuda because it allows you to explore sunken shipwrecks and learn about the island’s seafaring history at their historical museums. You can also attend the Bermuda Cup match, a two-day cricket competition, between St. George and Somerset.

Although this might be the Best time to visit Bermuda, it’s essential to note that you may have to pay more for tours, activities, and accommodation in hotels and resorts since it’s the high/peak season. The beaches are also very crowded.

  • Winter at Bermuda

For most tourists, the winter (between November and February) is a low season. Temperatures are quite low, making it difficult to swim or engage in water sports.

However, the season might be the Best time to visit Bermuda if you want to enjoy less crowded streets, the country’s culture and if you want to golf in one of their islands. 

Additionally, it’s a perfect time for a budget-friendly tour since the prices are lower during this time. Other things to do include enjoyable long walks at the beaches, eating their local food, wine tasting, and collecting souvenirs.

Note that if you want to visit Bermuda in December, you will enjoy many activities since the temperatures are pleasant. The water is warm, which makes swimming possible and fun. You can also collect various Christmas gifts and enjoy Christmas cultures, such as the Pink Christmas at the Beach.

  • During the spring

The spring season can also be the best time to go to Bermuda because the rooms are cheap. Normally, the season is between March and April, just before the summer, and a few weeks after the winter. You get to enjoy affordable tours and excursions, guided cave walks, golfing, museum hopping, biking, and the Bermuda International Movie Festival.

You can also head to the Horseshoe Bay Beach to see colourful handmade kits during Easter. There’s also a Sailor’s competition during the Bermuda International Race Weekend.

  • Explore the island during the fall

The fall is yet another time to go to Bermuda since the temperatures allow you to explore the beautiful island, shipwrecks, and swimming. It’s also an ideal time to sightsee, fish, and enjoy parasailing.


When should you not go to Bermuda?

Bermuda is a safe place to go since there are numerous activities regardless of the season. However, the Bermuda hurricane season may not be a perfect time to go there, even though these storms are infrequent on the island, and they may only happen once every six to seven years.

In addition, Bermuda covid travel is possible. However, you should apply for a Bermuda COVID-19 Travel Authorisation before you depart, wear a face mask, get a full vaccination if you are over 18 years. If you are unimmunized, you will have to complete a 14-day quarantine.

What is the rainy season in Bermuda?

Bermuda doesn’t have a rainy season compared to other islands. On the other hand, it’s good to note that the rains pour heavily during September when the rain is 6.4 inches.

What is the hottest month in Bermuda?

The summer months between May and October are normally the hottest. The temperatures range between 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the cheapest time to go to Bermuda?

The season between November and early March is normally the cheapest. Hotels and tour companies will lower prices to lure more tourists to visit the island. You will also land great discounts on air tickets and cruise ships.


From the article, you can see that the best time to go to Bermuda is during the summer, which is usually the high season. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that going to the island during the winter is not a good idea because the island has numerous social activities and destinations for you to visit. Be sure to plan ahead to have a list of things to do before you land on the island.