Hunting has always been one of the favorite leisure time activities of people. Many people adopt it as a habit too, however, some do so occasionally. Being a hunter has some benefits as well as some disadvantages too. It keeps you in touch with nature, which is a plus point about it. However, if you go hunting those species that are endangered, it may harm the remaining animals of that particular species. Spain is one of those countries where hunting is one of the favorite pastimes of the people. Hunting in Spain is adopted as a game too. 

Spain is not only famous for its restaurant or beach or the beautiful resort it offers. Spain offers more variety of hunting gear, that’s why people choose this as their destination for hunting games. Different sites have been built there to entertain the hunters. There are many reasons for hunting in this  European country. If you’re an amateur hunter and are wondering whether to go to Spain for hunting or not, keep on reading as we’ll break down the top reasons for hunting in Spain. 

Top 8 Reasons for Hunting in Spain

Along with other things to do in Spain, several reasons make it an ideal destination for hunting. Here are some reasons that support the idea of choosing this European country as your next hunting destination. 

1- Higher Prices

Several hunters are professionals who use to sell their prey. This helps them earn a handsome profit revenue. This margin will increase with an increase in the price of the commodity. Hunting is beneficial as you can earn a higher revenue due to higher prices. 

Moreover, hinting is very popular in this region that affects the market competition. Also, the local hunters have decreased the prices of their commodities offering a chance for the foreigners to get high profit. Another thing that affects the prices in Spain is the higher price of Euro than that one dollar. All this supports the idea of hunting in Spain. 

2- Easy Transportation

Transportation in a foreign country is one of the major challenges. When you are visiting any particular country for the sake of hunting, particularly, you’ll need a proper traveling facility. Spain, being one of the developed European countries, offers a modern and super fast traveling facility. You can cover long distances within a short time. 

Moreover, there is the east threat of theft and robbery in this state. So, you can move from one part of the country to the other at any time. The transportation prices are very low which is another Pou point for the hunters. All this makes Spain a good hinting place. 

3- Great Variety of Hunting

Another reason that is dominant in making Spain a good place for hunting is the great variety of hunting species. Whether you’re an entry-level hunter or an experienced one, you’ll find all kinds of prey for you in the forests of this country. Here are some of the most liked and most targeted hunting species in Spain. 

  • Partridge  
  • Rabbit 
  • Quail  
  • Hare  
  • Duck  
  • Wild boar  
  • Fallow deer 
  • Roe deer  
  • Arrui  
  • Spanish Ibex 
  • Big deer

4- Equal Opportunities for All Level Hunters

As mentioned above, you can find a vast variety of hunting animals and birds in Spain. This thing also aids the idea of hunting in Spain. So, this is one of the best spots for hunters of all categories. 

5- Great Hospitality

Spanish people are broad-hearted and they uniquely treat their guests. You’ll find hardly such hospitality anywhere else in Europe. Hunters in Spanish territory face hardly any difficulty regarding their residency or any other issue. 

The Spanish people welcome the strangers in a great manner. They can’t see anybody in trouble. If you’re facing any issue regarding your license, paperwork, or permit, discuss that issue with any local person. He’ll get your issue resolved as soon as possible. So, you can have bird hunting or animal hunting fearlessly in this region. 

6- Unique ” La Monteria ” Tradition

‘La Monteria’ is a supportive activity that helps even the new hunters to catch their games. In this traditional way of hunting in Spain, the hunters feel relaxed as the trained dogs help them to chase and catch the target. That’s why beginners also get benefits from this tradition of Spanish people. 

The ” La Monteria ” is an exciting game that starts with a great breakfast. All the hunters get together at a fixed spot where they not only share a breakfast but also decide their hiding spots. After breakfast and thorough discussion, all the partner hunters go to their selected spots. After this, the dogs chase the game and catch them for their owners. Sometimes, they took the game towards the hunters making it easy for them to shoot the target. In the evening, the whole players gather again and share meals as well as trophies. 

7- The Iberian Ibex Hunting

Ibex hunting is one of the most commonly played hunting games in Spain. This is the most popular prey in the region too. The Iberian Ibex are further divided into four subspecies that are:

  • Iberian Ibex at Gredos 
  • Moreover, Iberian Ibex at Tortosa-Beceite
  • Iberian Ibex at Ronda
  • Iberian Ibex at the Sierra Nevada

All these species of the Iberian Ibex are different. So, they offer a unique experience to the hunters. Mostly, one can find the Ibex in hilly areas. This thing also supports the idea of hunting in Spain. 

8- Rich Spanish Culture 

You know that hunting needs extensive traveling. When you’ll travel for your prey over long distances, you’ll cover different areas of the region. Spain has a variety of cultures, flamenco, and bullfighting being the most popular. Each culture has its unique traditions and customs. However, you’ll love all the cultural traditions and activities of the Spanish region. You can easily find a hunting gun here too. 

Different festivals keep on ongoing at different times of the year. When you’ll visit the Spanish region for hunting in different seasons, you will encounter different festivals and enjoyment resources. All this will make your hunting more exciting and adventurous. This thing also supports the idea of hunting in Spain. 

Is hunting legal in Spain?

If you’re a license holder, you can hunt in Spain. However, hunting without a license is illegal in Spain. 

What can you hunt in Spain?

Here are different choices that you’ll find in Spain hunting. 

  • Gredos ibex
  • Red deer
  • Wild boar
  • Fallow deer
  • Biggest buck
  • Southeastern Spanish ibex 
  • Mouflon 
  • Roe deer 
  • Ibex 
  • Pyrenean chamois 
  • Barbary sheep 
  • Cantabrian chamois
  • Deer 
  • Chamois 
  • Goat 
  • Red-legged partridge 
  • Partridge 
  • Iberian wolf 
  • Wolves in Spain

Where is the best hunting in Spain?

Monteria is the most popular and most recommended spot in Spain. This experience offers a unique hunting experience to amateur hunters. 

Final Verdict

Spain is one of the best hunting best destinations for hunters of all levels. This country offers a variety of hunting experiences to the people choosing it as their gaming destination. Several reasons make hunting in Spain an ideal experience. Some of the most popular reasons that support the idea of gaming in Spain are elaborated in the above section. 
However, make sure that you’re fulfilling the requirements of the local government set for hunters. If you’re not a licensed hunter, you may face certain difficulties in Spain. So, make sure that you have a permit before you plan a hunting trip to any European territory. Moreover, enjoy the Spain travel with your hunting experiences like visiting the park, beach, and the top destinations here.

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