Prawn and Shrimps are confused as being the same but it is not true at all. Both these animals belong to a different category and have different tastes. Some people believe that the shrimps are just the miniature of the prawns which are also baseless. You may know that some different animals and foods have different names in different English-speaking regions other than the US. But the names under discussion are confused the most. In different regions, these are considered as the same animals having different sizes, that’s also totally wrong. To learn a clear difference, it’s necessary to dig out for ‘Prawn vs shrimp – what is the difference between them?’. 

Though they are similar to some extent, a huge difference between both these delicious crustaceans lies. Speaking about minute things, both shrimp and prawns belong to the same family but have different suborders. Many other differences between the both also lie. This guide will be discussing some features of these delicious foods. So, let’s move down to look at how they differ. 

Prawn vs shrimp – What is a Prawn? 

Prawn is a small animal that resides in the water and has an exoskeleton. These have ten legs and belong to the suborder Dendrobranchiata. All members of this family are not edible, though some, so all are not of commercial importance. However, those edibles have great importance all over the world due to their delicious taste and health benefits. 

The prawns have various types that have a slight difference. Some famous kinds of these edible crustaceans are listed here. 

  • Spot prawns
  • Banana prawns
  • Red-tailed prawns

These are not the only species of prawns, many others are also there. However, the above-mentioned are the most commonly used. No matter which species you’re consuming, the basic features of all these species are essentially the same. 

Though these animals are loved and found all over the world, in minor quantities in all the regions, they are mostly found and consumed in the southern and northern hemispheres. In some territories, shrimps are found that are also confused with these delicious crustaceans. However, both have remarkable differences, some differences will be discussed in the later section. 

Prawn vs shrimp – What is a Shrimp? 

As mentioned above, shrimps are wrongly confused with prawns. Shrimp are crustaceans that belong to the suborder Natantia. These are also delicious foods that have lots of medical importance. One can recognize them through their transparent body. They have a flexible abdomen that features a fan like a tail at the end. Moreover, their flexible body is flattened side by side. 

Their whole body is modified for swimming as they reside in water. Their appendages are so modified naturally that they can use them easily to swim. Their long and whiplike antenna is also shaped so that it helps in swimming. These edible crustaceans can be found in almost all oceans, however, they tend to live in more shallow waters. Nowadays, with increased demand, they are also grown in the fresh waters and lakes. 

Some animals of this family may grow up to 20 cm long. However, their average size ranges between 4 to 8 cm. Like prawns, more than 300 species of shrimps are there but all are not edible. Only a few categories of these delicious crustaceans are edible. Here are some types of shrimp that are commonly found and consumed. 

  • White Shrimp

The white shrimps are sweeter but can be cooked with different tastes. These are considered tastier than the pink shrimps. Common white species are available in the salty and freshwaters. However, they have subcategories too.

Out of all the subcategories of white shrimps, Chinese white shrimp and Mexican white shrimps are most common. These are not wild species and need to be grown especially. These species need great care so their sustainability in the wild habitats is very low. 

  • Pink Shrimps

Due to their color in the raw form, these shrimps are named pink. They are also one of the most consumed species of shrimps. One can find them on most of the seafood counters. 

  • Rock Shrimp

The rock shrimps are named so due to their harder shells or covers. However, they are not usually sold along with their shells. These are affordable substitutes for lobsters. One can substitute his lobster food with these delicious protein foods. 

  • Brown Shrimp

If you’re suffering from iodine deficiency, brown shrimps are ideal food for you as these are rich sources of healthy iodine. Unlike the above-mentioned types, these shrimps have a more mineral taste. 

  • Royal Red Shrimps

Like other kinds of shrimps, these are also named after their red color. Moreover, these are also rich in protein, so can be a substitute for lobsters. 

  • Tiger Shrimps

Like Chinese and Mexican white shrimps, tiger shrimps are also less sustainable. So, they are farmed to get health benefits out of them. Seafood restaurants Atlanta serve some of the best prawns.

What is the Difference Between Shrimp and Prawns? 

Though both in prawn vs shrimp can be used interchangeably in the kitchen, they differ from one another largely. Here are distinctions between both. 

  • Feature Different Habitats

The shrimps reside in salty or marine waters. They swim across the salty waters. On the other hand, prawns can sustain in the fresh or brackish waters. 

  • Different Tastes

The shrimps are relatively saltier than the prawns due to their salty habitat. While prawns are sweeter, that’s due to freshwater habitat. Try the unique taste in Dominican restaurants if you like shrimp. 

  • Different Prices

The shrimps can be found in the salty water of the oceans, so they are hardly farmed. This thing trends them to be less expensive. While prawns can survive in the fresh waters, they are usually specially farmed for sale. This will increase their prices slightly. 

  • Have Different Sizes 

Along with other differences, size is also a distinction between the shrimps and prawns. The jumbo prawn has a larger size than the shrimps as per weight. 

  • Body Form 

The shrimps have a thorax that’s overlapped with both the head and abdomen. While prawns have each overlapping segment i.e head overlaps the thorax and the thorax, in turn, overlaps the abdomen. 

Is shrimp a fish? 

No, shrimp is not a fish. It belongs to the group of arthropods. 

How big is a shrimp? 

Though some pieces can grow up to 20 cm, the average size of the shrimps is 4 to 8 cm. 

Are our prawn and shrimp the same thing?

Though prawns and shrimps belong to the same group, they differ from one another. Some distinctions between them are given in the above section. 

Do prawns taste like fish?

No, they taste differently with unique flavors and a little salt due to seawater. 

Is it healthy to eat prawns?

Shrimp is a rich source of important minerals, protein, and some vitamins. Also, their low-calorie features make them healthy food. 

Final Verdict
Prawn vs shrimp are used interchangeably in the kitchen but the basic differences between both these foods should not be overlooked. It’s important to dig out for “Prawn vs shrimp, what is the difference between them?”. There are remarkable distinctions between the two healthy foods. So, make sure that you are certain about the type that you’re going to consume. Now you know prawn vs shrimp taste, so make sure that you choose the prawns for a sweeter taste and shrimps for a salty one.