Tenby is located in the seaside town of Pembrokeshire. It is a beautiful place for tourism. People came here from other countries to give tribute and to enjoy its beauty. People used to stay during their vacations in the hotels in Tenby. Hotels in Tenby are very famous and we will discuss some top boutique  hotels in Tenby for stay

Top 9 Hotels in Tenby 

Followings are some of the top boutique hotels in Tenby.

  • Penally Abbey country house hotel and restaurant

Penally Abbey country house hotel is located on the boundary of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. There is also a restaurant which offers the facility of free Wi-Fi connection. There is a ground that is fully covered with leaves. This hotel is like a grand house, the rooms of the hotel are beautifully decorated. All necessary things are available in the rooms of the hotel in Tenby. Even some of the rooms have antique furniture. All rooms have a television and radio. From the windows of your room, you can enjoy the sea view. 

The restaurant of Penally Abbey facilitates you with dining and menu according to the season. They also offer you a delicious breakfast on regular basis.

When we talk about the location of Penally Abbey Country House Hotel and Restaurant. It is just five minutes away from Tenby Golf Club. Moreover, it is famous as the oldest golf club. The parking is also free. 

  • The Global Angel

The second hotel in Tenby we have is The Global Angel. This is the 5-star hotel that offers you the space for your luggage. This hotel includes a lounge, garden, terrace, and also a free Wi-Fi connection all over the hotel. Beautiful rooms with a wardrobe, a full-screen TV, attached bathroom and towels are available. Most important all guests have a small fridge inside their rooms.

The Global Angle hotel offers 2 options for breakfast. The one is a full English breakfast and the other one is an Irish breakfast. They also offer a hot tub for relaxing.

  • Ty Mawr Country Hotel

The hotel in Tenby named Ty Mawr Country Hotel has a rating of 9.6. This hotel is made up of thick stone walls, beautiful ceilings, and a tiled floor. The location of this hotel is in the village of brechfa forest. The farmhouse was set in the 16th century. It has a scenic view. Ty Mawr Country hotel offers a free Wi-Fi connection and free parking for its guests. 

Every bedroom of Ty Mawr Country Hotel has individual designs. Every room has its bathroom and has a fluffy bathrobe. A room is featured with a television, facility of a hairdryer, tea, and coffee. Ty Mawr Country Restaurant offers a traditional menu and they use all local products. Fresh fish is the specialty and they offer a delicious cooked breakfast which is offered on daily basis. 

Hotel in Tenby, Ty Mawr is covered with the beautiful countryside. It takes only 30 minutes to reach Ty Mawr Hotel from Brecon Beacons National Park. 

  • Giltar Hotel Tenby

One of the top hotels in Tenby to stay at is Giltar Hotel. It has a fantastic location. All of their rooms have luxury looks. You can enjoy the beautiful views of Tenby by standing at the windows of your room. They offer dinner, a bed and breakfast for the one-night stay at a very reasonable rate. The reviews of this hotel are excellent. They have a friendly staff and easy check-ins. In the evening they have a live music session in which they usually pay tribute to the music 

  • Imperial Hotel Tenby

In the list of hotels in Tenby, we have Imperial Hotel. The rating of this hotel is 6.8 which is quite good. Imperial Hotel is located on a walk of 20 minutes away from Railway Station of Tenby. This hotel provides you free internet facility. The restaurant of this hotel has a bar. You can have a stunning view of Carmarthen Bay and The Pembrokeshire coastline.

Hotels in Tenby usually all have these facilities like tea/coffee and television/ radio facility and also a desk. They have a washroom facility. The rooms of the hotel on the front side have a panoramic sea view. The guests can also have the facility of breakfast and lunch with beautiful sea views. Some rooms also have the availability of a terrace. The building of the Imperial hotel is made up of old stones. From the main streets of Tenby. This hotel in Tenby is only 4 minutes walk away.

  • The Park Hotel Tenby

The hotels in Tenby have The Park hotel with beautiful terraces and parks. They had a swimming pool which is on the outdoor location. They provide free internet facilities and also free parking for their guests. This hotel is located in a very peaceful place that is above Tenby’s Blue Flag North Beach. You need only 10 minutes to walk from the lively town center to reach your hotel. 

The rooms of this hotel are gracefully decorated with a personal bathroom facility with TV in rooms. Park Hotel has an arrangement of dining on which they serve delicious breakfast with tea or coffee. The fresh-made coffees can also be provided in the relaxing lounge of the hotel. 

  • Royal line hotel Tenby

Royal line hotel is located behind the Old Town Wall. You can reach the royal line hotel with the walk of 5 minutes from the Railway station of Tenby. The rooms of this hotel have their separate bathrooms with the facilities of a hairdryer and with other necessary stuff. Royal line hotel has also the facilities like tea or coffee and TV in their rooms. They offer continental breakfast every morning to their guest and also fresh drinks from the bar. However, the rating of this hotel is low in comparison with other hotels which is only 4.5

  • Atlantic Hotel Tenby

The Atlantic has the specialty of terraced gardens with a full view of South Beach and Caldey Island. They provide internet access in the rooms of the hotel, in their Tenby restaurants, and also in public areas. This hotel provides you with a relaxing lounge and a Bar. You can enjoy the facility of drinks on their Terrace. It is one of the best Tenby hotels on the seafront. 

Another facility of Spa bath and steam room make this hotel unique from others. Atlantic hotel also has the facility of lift. They will provide you with a bed and breakfast but parking is not available. You can park your cars in other hotel parking and they had placed their CCTV cameras for the security of their customer’s vehicles. 

  • Fourcroft Hotel Tenby

The hotel named Fourcroft is one of the hotels in Tenby. This hotel is located in a very nice location. You can overlook the Tenby’s Blue flag of North Beach and also the old fishing Harbour. These hotels provide the facility of Wi-Fi connection is free to all its customers. The parking of this hotel is not free, you have to pay for public parking. 

The rooms of Fourcroft hotel are beautifully decorated. There is a playing area for children outside of the hotel. Lift is also available in this hotel. They provide a meeting room to their customers in which they can have their official meetings. Other than this, they have a bar and relaxing lounge. An outdoor pool is also available in Fourcroft hotel. Pets are also allowed in the hotel in Tenby. 

What to do in Tenby while staying?

There are many things to do in Tenby. You can visit with your friends and family. Some top attraction places or things in Tenby are the following:

  • The Dinosaur Park

You can visit this Park with your family to enjoy activities that are for all ages.

  • Tenby North Beach 

This beach is perfect for beauty and you can swim in it.

  • Manor Wildlife Park 

It’s a zoo in Tenby that you can visit with your kids. There is also a playing area with greenery.

  • Tenby lifeboat station 

If you go to Tenby, must visit this place. There is also a gift shop where you can buy gifts for your loved ones. 


In this article, we discussed the hotels in Tenby and also some of the things you can do in Tenby. Make sure to make a top bucket list of some of your favorite hotels and then pick the one you like the most. 

How much does a hostel cost in Tenby?

Every hotel has its charges. It usually depends on the facilities of the hotel that they are providing to their customers. The more luxury hotels could be expensive and the normal hotels with basic facilities could be in reasonable charges. 

Are hotels in Tenby are safe during coronavirus (covid-19)? 

So, when we put a look at Tenby hotels, they took strict precautionary measures in which they commit. With their customers that they have a fully trained team and have covid-19 awareness. They enhance their sanitizing and cleaning facilities. They put the screens in all over the hotels and their floors are marketed for social distancing as a reminder. 

What hotels in Tenby are good for couples?

Giltar and Atlantic hotel in Tenby are quite famous for couples who can enjoy a romantic dining experience and stay.