Since the neighborhood of Koreatown – Manhattan and its surroundings – has transformed into business land, nothing is found there except the lofty business buildings, parklands, and a variety of shops. Finding food, in particular, in this area has become very tough. To enjoy your favorite food, you’ll have to make your way towards the nearest Koreatown. This town is famous for its tasty restaurants and mini food points. Having been there, you can order any of your favorite foods. Koreatown restaurants are well known in all the nearby areas. So, it’s good to enjoy any food out there when you’re there for recreational purposes or any business meeting. 

Do you know, Koreatown is the most famous place for Korean cookery all over America? One can find all varieties of Koreatown restaurants out there. Due to its unique taste and neon signs, this place seems very soothing, at night particularly. This small area is full of restaurants and you’ll find a unique restaurant every five feet. Along with other things to do in this town, never miss its hotels. In the later section, we’ve listed some top-ranking hotels in this area. So, let’s move down to check which one has your favorite recipes. 

12 Top Ranking Koreatown restaurants:

Here is the list of trendy restaurants in Koreatown. You can visit any of these to have your favorite meal. 

1- Dan Sung Sa Restaurant

If you’re in Koreatown on Saturday and want to have a meal along with some amusement at the midnight, you’ll not find any better option than Dan Sung Sa Restaurant. This restaurant is just jam-packed and made all of the wood. The smoke from the central grill of this food point makes its environment very appealing and pleasant. Just after entering the door, your mouth will be watered due to the smell of the tasty foods. You should visit this one of the best Koreatown restaurants. 

Soju is the most consumed recipe at this restaurant on Saturday night. If you’re a spicy lover, the Dan Sung Sa Restaurant will make your day memorable. Its Korean menu includes skewers, scallion pancakes, and lots of other Korean foods. 

Reason for Dan Sung Sa’s Fame: 

Its spicy chicken wings and kimchi pancake are reasons for its popularity. If you’re with your friends or want a birthday event late at night, Dan Sung Sa is the best place for you to make your night memorable. 

2- Sun Nong Dan Restaurant

San Nong Dan is the busiest hotel in Koreatown. The plus point of this mini-hotel is that you’ll find it open 24 hours a day. No matter what you want to enjoy with your friends or family, this hotel’s staff will serve you your favorite recipes. The most favorite item of this restaurant is the meat plate that is served along with rice cakes, tender ribs, and some vegetables. If you want you can pick your favorite sides as well from this one of the delicious Koreatown restaurants. 

So, never forget to enjoy their meat place topped with cheese. If you’re there at 2 am, soups will add to your energy. Besides the meat plate, this item is the most liked one at this small restaurant. 

Reason for Sun Nong Dan’s Fame: 

The classic establishment of this hotel and its galbi Jjim (meat plate) with cheese are the major reasons for its fame. It’s also good for big gatherings. 

3- Guelaguetza Mexican Restaurant

The live musical concerts at the Guelaguetza Mexican Restaurant accompanied by its tasty meal add to the enjoyment in Koreatown. Particularly, when you move in to enjoy food in sharing in the form of big groups, you’ll find this place an ideal one. Its mole, tlayudas, and big plates of meals are among the top-rated recipes to be enjoyed. You will love the ambiance as it is one of the best Koreatown restaurants. 

Moreover, if you’re a vegetarian, this hotel will serve you your favorite vegetables too. Being there will not only kill your hunger but will also eliminate your tiredness of the day. 

Reason for Guelaguetza Mexican’s Fame: 

Vegetarian foods like Festival de Moles, Tlayuda Guelaguetza, and Queso Fundido are the major reasons for this restaurant’s fame. 

4- Kobawoo House Restaurant 

If you want some ideal place for your business meetings or a good date place, Kobawoo House will be ideal for you. The internal decor of this restaurant male it ideal for solo meetings or business meetings. Moreover, it’s considered one of the ancient hotels in Koreatown that is functional since 1985. If you’re a seafood lover or love to have a plate of blossom, this hotel’s staff will serve you with their mastery. 

Along with its taste, its beauty and cleanliness are also outstanding. All this makes it ideal for dates and personal business meetings that need a calm environment. 

Reason for Kobawoo House’s Fame: 

Whether you want to have seafood or bossom, you’ll find this place awesome. Its internal peaceful environment is ideal for meetings and dates for you to enjoy the cuisines of Koreatown restaurants. 

5- Jeon Ju Restaurant

Jeon Ju Restaurant offers a great menu but its galbi dolsot bibimbap is loved throughout Koreatown. You’ll not find the spicy galbi dolsot bibimbap anywhere else in the locality. This recipe is served in a little bowl and you’ll have to be patient to enjoy it. This one of the best Koreatown restaurants is also a good choice for families. 

If you’ll give it a little time, the rice out there will turn spicy and tasty. Along with this unique dish, this restaurant’s soups are also spicy and tasty that will add to the enjoyment along with galbi dolsot bibimbap. This place is good for one who is visiting for Koreatown lunch. 

Reason for Jeon Ju’s Fame: 

The Jeon Ju Restaurant is famous for solo dining and its well-known dish is galbi dolsot bibimbap. 

6- Young King Chinese Restaurant

Having been in Koreatown means that you can find every kind of food whether Korean, Chinese, Indian, or any else. Sometimes, you may want to enjoy light Chinese noodles. The Young King Restaurant offers you a vast Chinese menu along with Korean. Though all its recipes are famous, this hotel is famous for its Chiang Mein (noodles in caramelized black bean sauce) and the tangsuyuk (crispy fried pork with sweet and sour sauce on the side). 

Whether you want spicy, salty, or sweet noodles, you’ll find all varieties out there. Along with this, the Chinese pork is also well cooked there that is also liked very much. If you’re with your family or friends, you can visit this restaurant anytime. However, being solo, avoid visiting at weekends as weekends are specialized for local families. On Saturday, you’ll find this place flooded with local families. 

Reason for Young King’s Fame: 

This place is ideal for a Chinese menu to be enjoyed at the weekends with a group of friends. Chiang mein and the tangsuyuk are the most favorite items out there. 

7- Ham Ji Park Restaurant

Though the whole of Koreatown remains flooded with tourists and local families who are there to enjoy the food, its 6th street is considered the busiest. Ham Ji Park restaurant is also on 6th street. This is a BBQ-type restaurant that offers all the grilled and roasted foods. The spiciness and taste of K town Korean BBQ end there. 

Out of all its dishes and Porks, pork neck stew and pork spare ribs are loved the most. A gathering or party with friends will add to the enjoyment along with spicy ribs and neck stew. 

Reason for Ham Ji Park’s Fame: 

Though lots of other BBQs of Ham Ji Park restaurant are famous, its pork neck stew and pork spare ribs are outstanding. This restaurant is good for group dinners. 

8- Soban Restaurant

Soban Restaurant is one of the top-rated K-town restaurants in Koreatown. Its side dishes are the main reasons for its fame. One can find more than 16 side dishes at this one of the best Koreatown restaurants. Whether you want to enjoy a mild vinegar lotus root or a chilly boiled potato, this restaurant will offer you with. 

Along with its side courses, some main dishes are also found yummy there. Out of these main courses, the black cod and Galbi Jjim are the most famous. People especially turn here to enjoy these recipes along with their favorite hot sauces. This place is good to sit calm and peacefully for a business meeting. 

Reason for Soban’s Fame: 

The peaceful environment, black cod, Galbi Jjim, and 16 side dishes are reasons for the soban Korean restaurant’s fame. 

9- Sun Ha Jung Korean Restaurant

Like the unique taste of BBQ found on Ham Ji Park restaurant, Sun Ha Jung has also a unique taste in BBQ. Its BBQ has a unique name as Duck BBQ. The breast cooked over there is superb out of all the BBQ options. Mostly, people love to enjoy this kind of BBQ at one of the amazing Sun Ha Jung Koreatown restaurants. This recipe is served with marinated onion, lettuce, and radish. 

Along with the Duck BBQ, the rice and kimchi of this restaurant are also outstanding. Must enjoy these too while you’re with your group at this restaurant. 

Reason for Sun Ha Jung’s Fame: 

The Duck BBQ of this restaurant is the major reason for its fame. This place is also good for group gatherings and business meals. 

10- Tokyo Hamburg Japanese Restaurant

The Koreatown restaurants offer unlimited fun of foods. Along with other foods, Japanese foods can also be found there. This is also a unique place for group dinners, so it’s always flooded with visitors. This restaurant offers music that adds to the amusement and enjoyment. 

Soon after entering the restaurant, you’ll be sizzled with the smell of Burger’s patties. The meat of this restaurant is also very tasty and is good to enjoy before going to a bar for drinks. If you’re a lover of pop music and tasty foods, this restaurant offers a good combination. 

Reason for Tokyo Hamburg’s Fame: 

This place is ideal for group dinners like birthday parties. Its all foods are excellent but Tokyo original Hamburg, okonomiyaki, and curry udon are outstanding. 

11- Mapo Galbi Restaurant

Mapo Galbi is one of the best Ktown restaurants in Koreatown. This place is famous for its dak Galbi has a unique taste. Dak Galbi is not limited to any single dish, it consists of chicken, rice noodles, and vegetables along with spicy sauces. Once enjoyed this meal from the Mapo Galbi Restaurant, its unique taste will stick to your mind and tongue. 

Another famous recipe of this mini-hotel is Noori Topped rice. This is also unique and outstanding in taste. The outer layer is cooked to a crispy level that adds to its taste with crispiness. You’ll not find such a taste anywhere else in the Ktown. 

Reason for Mapo Galbi’s Fame: 

The name of this restaurant is behind its unique dish, Dak Galbi. This recipe is the reason for the fame of these Koreatown restaurants. 

12- Le Comptoir French Restaurant

Though an expensive restaurant, Le Comptoir French Restaurant has a unique taste. Once you entered the door of this restaurant, you’ll feel having been there even before. This restaurant has a unique tradition that its visitors have an opportunity to test their self-cooking. 

It has more than 8 famous courses. You can go with any of them accordingly. If you want dinner or a party after a whole busy day, this French taste restaurant is good for you. Moreover, if you want a solo party for the date, this restaurant will suit such an arrangement too. 

Reason for Le Comptoir’s Fame:

Le Comptoir is famous for its solo party environment. This is a perfect point for dating and enjoying the delicious cuisines of Koreatown restuarants. 

What are people saying about the Korean Restaurant of Koreatown? 

People say that the Koreatown restaurants offer a variety of late-night Korean foods. They found great and tasty Korean foods out there. 

What are some highly-rated Korean restaurants in Los Angeles, CA?

We have discussed some top-rated Koreatown Los Angeles restaurants. Check out any of them according to your location and choice. 

Final Verdict

Koreatown is famous for its restaurants and hotels in Los Angeles. This place is located near the tourist places. On the tourist points, people can’t find food of their choice. So, they took their way towards Koreatown. Here, one can find every food whether Korean, Indian, French, Japanese or any else. Moreover, the hotels out there are the best places for business meetings and dating. People tool their way towards these restaurants for this reason too. You will fall in love with these top-rated Koreatown restaurants.