Koreatown is one of the best places to see in Los Angeles. Located closest to Hollywood and Los Angeles, it has many tourist attractions. Since ancient times, this place has been of historical importance. Once this place was regarded as the center of the golden age and was home to many well-known hotels, parks, cocoanut grove, and the brown derby. Along with these attractions, K-Town is also famous for its nightclubs, business places, and trendy restaurants. There are different hotels in Los Angeles Koreatown that have a magical taste. 

Though K-town is one of the best places to visit in Los Angeles that has different attractions to explore, its hotels have a unique name in the field. For those who want to visit and enjoy amazing things to do, it’s good to explore its hotels along with other attractions. The same is in the case of Los Angeles. Some of the best hotels will be discussed in the later section. So, let’s explore this guide to learn about all these hotels. 

Top Rated Hotels in Los Angeles Koreatown

Depending on their taste and variety of foods, here are the top-rated hotels in Los Angeles Koreatown. 

1- Soban Restaurant

Whether you’re a lover of seafood recipes or vegetables, the Soban Restaurant of K-town will offer you all the options. Their famous menu is the crab that is available in two forms i.e garlicky soy sauce or pepper sauce. Along with this seafood, especially fried fish and fried black cod are also very tasty here. 

If you want to have any dish except seafood, it’s good to taste vegetables here. Enjoy their well-known julienne vegetables. All the recipes are worth enjoying the special salad and fresh soy sauces. 

2- Sun Ha Jung Korean Restaurant

Sometimes, you may want to enjoy any of the BBQ with your group of friends. Sun Ha Jung is one of the best-grilled BBQ restaurants that offer all kinds of BBQ, however, their grilled recipes are very famous. Moreover, the duck seared on a skillet and flavor-packed fried rice is also very fantastic. You’ll love to have the spicy dishes at Sun Ha Jung. Once you’ll be there, you’ll love to be there again and again. 

3- Chosun Galbee Korean Restaurant

Chosun Galbee is one of those Los Angeles restaurants that offer a very unique taste in BBQ as well as some regular dishes. The quality and classic are the major concerns of this hotel. Chosun offers a long menu for indoor dining as well as taking away. Whether you want to have a meal over there or want to take it away, Chosun is a good option. 

Though all the dishes of this restaurant are great, their naengmyeon and meat platters are great. If you’re a passionate lover of Koreans, you’ll not find any better idea than the Chosun Korean Restaurant. These recipes are great out of all the Korean choices. 

4- Rich Crab Restaurant

The Rich Crab Restaurant has a variety of meals to choose from. However, soy-marinated crab is the best out of all the dinner choices. But crab is not the only option when you’re at the Rich Crab Restaurant, you can have many other dishes too. The Crab Restaurant also offers a long list of appetizers that can be enjoyed with spicy beans, sprouts, and other aromatics. 

5- Han Bat Shul Lung Tang 

Han Bat Shul Lung Tang is the best choice in the Los Angeles Koreatown for those who love seolleongtang. This is the only menu at this mini restaurant. This dish consists of seasoned rice and kimchi that are sprinkled with salt and green onions. Also, bone marrow broth is an option to enjoy here. 

6- MDK Noodles Chinese Restaurant

If you or any of your friends love to have Chinese food, the Myung Dong Kyoja (MDK) Noodles Chinese Restaurant is the best place to dine for you. This is one of the best hotels in Los Angeles Koreatown that offers a long Chinese menu. Their menu includes noodles, chewy spicy cold noodles called jjolmyeon, and pork dumplings. So, if you’re a passionate lover of noodles, you’ll not find the best noodles anywhere except this place. 

Seating is one of those aspects that contribute a lot to the enjoyment. In the case of MDK noodles Chinese Restaurant, you have open options ranging from indoor to outdoor seating or taking away whatever you love. 

7- BCD Tofu House Cafe

For tofu lovers, BCD Tofu House is the best place to have dinner or lunch, as per need or mood. Starting its journey in 1993, this restaurant has a great reputation in the locality. All this is due to the quality and taste of their recipes. They have all the options to dine indoors, outdoors, or take away. 

8- Olympic Restaurant

The Olympic Restaurant has a special variety of Korean recipes. However, the restaurant always remains busy and it’s hard to get a place inside the hotel. So, it’s good to take the food away from this restaurant. Out of all the Korean choices, ultra-fermented soybean paste stew is fantastic. This recipe has a unique taste. 

However, this is not the only option for you when you’re at the Olympic Restaurant, you can also have much other seafood and regular recipes. Out of all the seafood recipes, grilled pork and fried fish are great to have. Both these recipes also have a killing taste. So, never miss out on dinner at the Olympic Restaurant in K-town. 

What are the best hotels near Koreatown in Los Angeles?

There are lots of options when it comes to Koreatown restaurants, however, the best hotels in Los Angeles Koreatown are Soban, Sun Ha, Olympic, Rich Crab, etc. 

Do any hotels near Koreatown in Los Angeles have a pool?

Yes, the following hotels in the Los Angeles Koreatown have a pool too:

  • The LINE Hotel
  • Shelter Hotel Los Angeles
  • Best Western Plus LA Mid Town Hotel
  • Rotex hotel

How much does a hotel in Koreatown cost?

Average hotels or motels in Koreatown will charge about $25 to $30 per night. You should try the Downtown hotel LA. 

Final Verdict
Los Angeles Koreatown has many tourist attractions that make it a worth visiting city. This city has many seafood restaurants as well as Korean, Chinese, French, and many other restaurants. You’ll find many hotels in Los Angeles Koreatown that have a trendy taste. So, go for any of them to enjoy any of your favorite meals.