In this article, we will discuss the biggest buck in the world and their hunting seasons. You will also get to know about hunting tips and the biggest whitetail deer ever killed. 

List of Biggest buck in the world

The biggest buck in the world is named an Alaskan moose. In standing position, the height of the biggest buck in the world is 2.34m which is 7 feet and 8 inches. His weight is estimated at 816kg. He was shot in September 1897 in the city of Yukon Territory in Canada. Here is the list of some other largest bucks and deer in the world 

  1. Moose

The biggest member of the buck family is Moose. They are normally found in the forests of Alaska, Norway, and Canada. Moose is one of the tallest mammals in areas of Northern America. The height of Moose is about six feet tall and has very huge antlers. 

  1. Greater kudu 

The second biggest buck in the world is the species known as the Greater kudu. It has eye catchy spiral horns. He is usually found in eastern and southern Africa. The females of Greater Kudu are similarly smaller than the male ones. The weight of male Greater kudu is about 105 kilograms which are about 230 pounds. 

  1. The Jim Brewster buck

The very first world record of whitetail buck was found in North America in 1905. This first whitetail was shot in British Columbia. The name of the hunter who killed a huge buck was Jim Brewster in Elk River. The total length of the Brewster buck is 31-2/8-inch. This buck was scored in 1932. He retained his world record by tailing 245⅞ inches

  1. The hole in the horn buck 

To know the biggest buck in the world, there is the hole in the horn buck which is a huge buck. It has its incredible beauty in the horns with holes but he is not in the official world record. He was found in 1940 on the railroad in Portage country in the city of Ohio. It has a nontypical score of 342% inches. 

  1. The Tony Lovstuen Buck 

Some whitetail giants are not as familiar with the world as others. They live secretly in the forest. It is widely known as The Albia Buck. He was found in the small southeast town of Iowa. A lot of hunters were following this bunk but failed to hunt him. Finally in Hawkeye State’s youth season killed 15-year-old Lovstuen with a muzzleloader in 2003. The score of this buck was 307%

  1. Dustin Huff’s Potential World Record Crossbow Buck

One of the biggest bucks in the world is found in India. To hunt this biggest deer in the world will become a difficult task. Dustin Huff breaks the previous world record of James Jordan and become the number 1 biggest buck in the world. The 12 point buck green has 213 1/8 inches B&C. If we talk about the raw score, it has 212 inches. When he shot, it was about 290 pounds and took only three minutes and said it was a thrill ride of three minutes. 

Biggest buck ever killed 

When we talk about the biggest buck in the world ever killed is James Jordan Buck. He was the biggest whitetail buck who was harvested in the United States by the hunter and become the second-highest scoring in the world. The hunter was a 22-year-old from Brunette Country when he shot the biggest bunk on the date of 20 November 1914. Under the Crocket club scoring system, the James Jordan buck’s measurement was 206 1/8 according to the net typical point. The buck was shot to a 25-20 Winchester rifle. 

Where should you go for hunting and get a 1000 point buck?

  1. Spain:

Hunting in Spain is a local hobby that they do In their free time, people go out and hunt their favorite animal and it has been going through centuries. Spain also offers different hunting trips to the local people. So it become a very attractive destination to all hunters. Spain has not the strict rules for hunting but they require a simple license for hunting. The only rule is when and where you can go for a hunt and which animal or bird you can hunt. If we talk about the hunting season of Spain, the best season is normally the start of October until the very first week of February. The communities of Spain also offer late night or overnight trips during these seasons. 

The big game of hunting in Spain

In Spain, the most favorite and popular big game known for hunting is the Spanish Ibex or Deer which are covered with huge curled horns. They offer hunting at very affordable rates and also different ways of hunting. Wild bears of Spain is also part of big game hunting. 

Small game hunting in Spain

The very popular to hunt in a small game is red-legged partridge and also the quail. Some companies also organize ducks on their trips for shooting. But it also depends on the dates, season, and areas they want to go for hunting. 

Rules and regulations 

Following are some rules you should follow 

  • If you want to go to Spain for hunting you need a permit for international weapons. 
  • The local people can get a permit from their police station. 
  • If you are in the contact with your Spanish local consultant, he can also give you information about the location or from where you can get the permit of weapons. 
  • If you are a non-resident of Spain then you also need a passport and a photocopy. 
  • It is a good option if you join a hunting club in Spain. It will help you to gain a good experience.
  • A medical certificate is also necessary for hunters which they can get from certain clinics. 
  • It is not allowed to fire in any urban area of Spain and also you can not fire about 500 meters of housing but many people ignore this rule
  • So when the weapons travel from local land they are fully secured
  1. Alaska:

The season of hunting of Moose in Alaska is September from 5th to 15th for the people who are not residents. Moose hunts Alaska are famous all around the world. Normally moose life is the largest area of Alaska near the Stikine River. To hunt the biggest buck in the world moose, the big bull grunts and brush thrashings are used to bring them in. When you are hunting the moose, you need a jet boat to get access from all channels. It is not an easy task to call the big bulls. Almost it could take three days to bring the bulls in. Normally the hunting of moose calls in need 60 yards. 

  1. Florida 

If you want to hunt in Florida, there is a division into four different zones

  • A zone includes the state, the state below 70 with Lake Okeechobee. 
  • B zone involves in western central Florida with North of Tampa. 
  • C zone is the mixture of zone B and north of zone A
  • D zone includes State Road 61 which separates it from zone C. 

Hunting season in Florida:

Following is the Florida hunting season:

  • The season of Archery is from July 31 to November 24
  • The season of Crossbow is from July 31 to December 3 
  • Moreover, the season of Muzzleloader is from September 4 to February 27
  • The season of Firearm is from September 18 to February 20
  • The season of Youth hunt is from September 11 and 12, October 30 and 31, November 27 and 28, December 4 and 5

The dates of the season can be different according to zones. Bows are allowed in Florida to use in every season. The use of crossbow is normally used in firearm hunting season and also in muzzleloaders. 


When we talk about the scores of buck we have the score of 333 point buck. In 1981 a hunter named St. Louis killed a buck. The way he kills him is not known. The reason is that there was no hole of the bullet on the body of the buck and he was not injured. The age of the monster rack was 5 years. Now the State of Missouri owned the monster rack 

42 point buck was hunted by a girl named Paulie Werth and her dad. When the buck showed himself in the windy night. That girl hunts him with the rifle. The biggest buck in the world was hunted at that time 


When you are getting yourself ready for hunting, the first thing you should know is the rules and regulations of the area where you are going to hunt. You should also know the areas which are legal or illegal for hunting. After that, there are basic hunting gears that are proper hunting boots or hunting rifles. By following these steps you can also hunt the biggest buck in the world nowadays. A very successful trip for hunting is that you can use scent attractants that will attract your hunt and also scent reduction. These items will be very beneficial for you in hunting.