New Orleans is a beautiful place on the bank of the Mississippi River near the Gulf of Mexico. Lots of attractions of this beautiful city attract the visitors. Along with other things that facilitate the tourists, its restaurants also have an outstanding taste. Though it’s one of the poor cities of Louisiana where people are living from hand to mouth, its taste is excellent. Mostly, people took their way towards this small city to enjoy its cuisine and have fun in the nightlife. Though all the restaurants of this city have master chefs who have a magical taste in their hands, you’ll never find an alternative to the seafood restaurants in New Orleans. 

According to a survey, about 40% of this city’s income comes from tourism. It means that people keep on visiting the beauty of this small city. If you’re also planning a visit, it’s good to know the best seafood restaurants along with other things to do there. Being situated on the river bank, this place offers tasteful seafood recipes. You have to try the New Orleans seafood and hamburger. To resolve the confusion of the food lovers, we have listed down the top-ranking seafood restaurants in Orleans. Let’s explore which one is the best of the top seafood restaurants in New Orleans.

Top Rated Seafood Restaurants in New Orleans

Here are the top-rated seafood restaurants in Orleans. You can choose any one of these to enjoy any of your favorite seafood recipes while you’re in New Orleans. 

1- Vessel Seafood Restaurant

As the name suggests, this restaurant took its place in a building that was a former church. Located in the mid-city of New Orleans, the Vessel is a unique hotel having a decent building. The building was the property of New Orleans Christians that was established in 1914. In 2016, when the building was almost ruined, it was restored to convert into a restaurant. In the same year, the Vessel Seafood Restaurant was opened for the public and is serving people till now as the best seafood restaurants in New Orleans. 

Based on the same old idea, the building features unique architecture and beautiful window glasses. You can find all your favorite dinner menus out there. Though some other dishes are also the reason for the fame of this hotel, seafood recipes are specially cooked and served there. You’ll find the shrimps and grits of this hotel very tasteful. Moreover, the fresh fish and cocktails also have a unique taste. Your favorite beer and wines accompanying the seafood will add to your enjoyment. 

2- Commander’s Palace Restaurant

Here is the second option in our list of seafood restaurants in New Orleans. Situated in mid-New Orleans, the Commander’s Palace Restaurant is famous all over Louisiana. For Haute Creole lovers, in particular, this palace has all that they expect. Due to its taste, this restaurant has won countless major and minor awards. These awards also include the culinary award and James Beard Foundation awards. 

The most unique thing about this restaurant is that it offers fresh seafood recipes. The reason for their pride in the freshness of the seafood is that they purchase most of their raw materials from within 100 miles of the restaurant’s location. This thing helps to keep the tradition of fresh foods alive. 

You can find your favorite entrée over there. Mostly, people love the pecan-crusted gulf fish along with spicy pecans, petite herbs, and prosecco pouched blue crab. The blue crab is a special dish of this palace and people love to have it whenever they are at this restaurant. In drinks, turtle soup, chicory coffee, and Creole bread pudding soufflé are bold choices. If you intend to have a late-night dinner after a thorough busy day, this unique palace is the best option. 

3- The Munch Factory Restaurant

In New Orleans, most of the seafood restaurants have a traditional value. The same name is Munch Factory. This is a taste palace that has been serving its customers since late 2012 and is famous as one of the top seafood restaurants in New Orleans. The owners of this cafe and Seafood Restaurant, married Duo Jordan and Alex Ruiz remain always busy finding creative ways to serve their customers. You can imagine the progress of this restaurant from the fact that it started as a pop-up bar in 2012 but now it’s serving as a brand restaurant. Now shifted near to the Coliseum Square, this hotel had been at Jefferson Davis Parkway. 

At its new location, the hotel is carrying the same tradition of taste and service. People love its recipes as well as the Spanish-style hall of this hotel. All its cuisine has a magical taste but most loved recipes include the shrimps and grits, hot sausage patty melts, slow-cooked pork ribs, and oyster boats. All these are served with a homemade sauce. Some side dishes also include bayou nachos, Nola cakes, and tuna tacos. 

No matter if you want to have a light dinner with cocktails and cordials accompanied by any beer of your choice or want to enjoy it with your group, the Munch Factory Restaurant will serve you with its old tradition. Never miss out on even a simple cordial out there if you’re in New Orleans or nearby places. 

4- Restaurant R’evolution  – A Modern Seafood Palace

When it comes to the modern-style seafood place in New Orleans, the name of Restaurant R’evolution pops up on the list. When it comes to a perfect combination of stylish rooms and marvelous taste, this seafood restaurant fits well into the frame. It consists of six rooms that are built and decorated in the same style and idea. It seems that the management knows how to maintain a sequence between fascination and taste. The interior of each room is so beautifully decorated that it appeals to the eyes of the visitors. 

In the R’evolution’s recipes, the Cajun and Creole Cuisine are on the top. Also, lobster New Orleans, seafood gumbo, and sheep ricotta gnocchi are famous recipes of this restaurant. When accompanied by a perfect combination of beer, the taste of seafood increases. If you’re there with your friends, you’ll enjoy not only the food but the decor also. 

5- Jacques Imo’s Cafe 

You cannot miss this top-rated and delicious menu of one of the best seafood restaurants in New Orleans.  If you want a restaurant in New Orleans that offers a combination of French, Italian, and Seafood recipes, the Jacques Imo’s Cafe will be perfect for you. This restaurant is in the ownership of Jacques Leonard whose mother has a French origin while his father has Italian origin. The combination of two nationalities gave him a chance to learn how to cool the famous cuisines of these two regions. This thing supported him a lot to build the taste of his famous Imo’s Cafe. 

This restaurant has been serving in the field for the last 25 years and all its service is incredible. Over time, the owners of this restaurant managed to upgrade their simple style hotel with a modern electrically operated colorful interior. You have to try their New Orleans seafood menu. Cajun bouillabaisse and lots of other seafood recipes are liked by the visitors of this delicious hotel. Its interior will make your night memorable no matter what recipe you enjoyed there. 

6- Drago’s Seafood Restaurant

Drago’s Seafood Restaurant is also one of the traditional hotels and one of the best seafood restaurants in New Orleans. The hotel started its career in about 1969. In the past, their fried catfish was liked the most. Nowadays, their oysters are well known all over the region. If you’re an oyster lover, this seafood restaurant will serve you the best oysters. 

Due to the fame of their oysters, the Drago’s management has extended their branches from a single to three. Nowadays, you can enjoy your favorite oysters in any of the Fat City, Hilton, or Mississippi branches. All the branches have the same unique taste. Moreover, you can also order a Charbroiled Oyster kit for self-grilling, if you love cooking. 

7- Katie’s Bar and Seafood Restaurant

Katie’s seafood restaurant started its journey in 1984 but faced many troubles. Once this hotel was devastated by its neighbors, Hurricane Katrina. But the owner, Scot, never accepted his failure and kept on working until he succeeded to reconstruct the hotel’s name and fame. Now, it’s open again for the visitors. You can enjoy any of the Po’boy or fried catfish over there. 

8- Casamento’s Seafood Restaurant

One of the oldest and king of seafood recipes, Casamento’s Seafood Restaurant has been serving its customers since 1919. This is not only a hotel but also a bar where you can enjoy your favorite wine in a peaceful environment. This restaurant is a celebrity’s choice as they stay here whenever they are in Orleans. You can try their seafood and know the difference between prawn vs shrimp. 

Though Casamento’s Seafood Restaurant offers a long list of seafood recipes, their oyster loaf is the most famous. Due to this tasteful seafood recipe, Casamento’s has succeeded to make its place in the top 10 bars and seafood restaurants in New Orleans. 

9- Bourbon House Seafood Restaurant

Love New Orleans seafood and hamburger? The Bourbon House is home to New Orleans Bourbon Society. The management of this hotel has adopted a unique way to build the taste. They regularly organize tastings, dinners, and many other tasteful events that add to the taste. Chefs of this hotel are masters of the oyster platter and their platter is well known throughout Orleans. Along with this special seafood dish, they are also masters of different kinds of shrimps as well as Gulf Fish. 

Like many other restaurants that have a special tasteful dish that acts as their introduction, the oyster platter is the introduction of this tasteful seafood restaurant. Along with its taste, the location of this hotel will add to your enjoyment when choosing these seafood restaurants in New Orleans. 

10- Deanie’s Seafood Restaurant

This seafood restaurant in New Orleans French Quarter offers lots of seafood recipes to its visitors. This hotel has had a tradition of taste for the last 40 years. Due to its tasty and spicy seafood, it’s also regarded as the fish village of Orleans. 

Whether you’re a lover of boiled seafood or love spicy recipes, the master chefs of this hotel offer all the varieties. They know how to maintain the taste in boiled or grilled cooking. Though many other recipes are also offered there, the Cajun and some Creole dishes of this restaurant are very famous. If you want a gluten-free menu for you or your children, this hotel offers such menus as well. Make sure to try the excellent taste of this exclusive and one of the top seafood restaurants in New Orleans. 

Where do New Orleans locals eat seafood?

Orleans is home to many seafood restaurants. This city is famous for its taste. Though a long list of seafood restaurants is there in Orleans, we have listed the top 10 choices of the local people. 

Does New Orleans have good seafood?

Yes, New Orleans has many seafood restaurants that offer fresh and tasteful seafood recipes. 

Out of all fish options, redfish and crawfish are the most popular in New Orleans. 

Final Verdict
New Orlean is famous for its tourism and taste. It has many different parks and other tourist attractions. Along with these attractions, the seafood restaurants in New Orleans have also a universal reputation. They offer all varieties of seafood with a master taste. Make sure to give a try to seafood restaurants in Metairie as well. If you’re in New Orleans or want to visit this city, never miss enjoying your favorite seafood from any of the above-mentioned top-rated seafood restaurants of this city.