Are you a foodie or like to taste seafood? The city of Atlanta is much famous for its food and especially if we talk about seafood. Do you want to know about seafood restaurants in Atlanta? We can guide you about seafood restaurants Atlanta. 

Seafood restaurants Atlanta – The top 10

  • Atlanta fish market

On Pharr Road, there is the seafood restaurant Atlanta. The front of the restaurant is made of steel with a salmon hybrid structure. In this restaurant, you can have 100 varieties of fish which are fresh daily. The restaurant offers its customers two options. 

The one is they can buy fresh fish from Pano’s Market in which the variety of fish is lobster, salmon, shellfish, and also trout. The second option is this you can dine in the restaurant which is in my perception a fantastic option. By this, you can enjoy fresh sushi with sea urchin nigiri, crab ocean Garden, octopus, and a very famous tuna hamachi roll. 

  • BeetleCat

The big restauranteur of Atlanta named Ford fry is the owner of this restaurant. BeetleCat is an upscale seafood restaurant with a cocktail lounge and an oyster bar. They are serving seafood dishes that are globally inspired and also specially made drinks. This restaurant has a big oyster bar. They have a range of tasty small plates which are globally influenced. 

Here the atmosphere is much enchanting. Signature dishes of BeetleCat include a starter or snacks like conch fritters with salt and pepper squid. They also have the steelhead trout dip and also lobster roll. They have a variety of salads with fresh fish such as snapper, grouper, and collar. There are no rules of reservation. The system refers to first come, first, get. So if you want to enjoy their food you should reach on time. 

  • C&S Seafood and Oyster Bar

One of the seafood restaurants Atlanta is known as C&S Seafood and Oyster Bar. If we talk about the looks of the restaurant, it has the sea-sourced approach for dining. They decorated its interiors like old-school styles which include the work of wood and high-quality leather. The use of dim lights made it a romantic seafood restaurant. 

The owner of this seafood restaurant in Atlanta is Rich Clark and Jon Schwenk who also owned Fish Market in Atlanta. On the menu of C&S Seafood and Oyster Bar, all dishes have certified organic and ingredients are grown locally. It means all things they provide or use in their recipes are natural. 

They have mouth-watering signature plates that include gumbo, sea bass steam, sautéed red snapper. And lump crab cake which is served with grain mustard butter. They also offer a raw bar that serves fresh oysters. Moreover, they have a fine collection of wines that will accompany you while eating in one of your favorite seafood restaurants Atlanta.

  • Lure 

The location of this one of the amazing seafood restaurants Atlanta named Lure is on the historical Crescent Avenue. This restaurant is inspired by global coastal cuisine and classic American. It is located in the mid of Atlanta. 

The food they serve is fresh ocean seafood. Oyster lovers must visit Lure because they have freshly shucked oysters. In their famous dish, they have Georges Bank Sea scallops which they serve with rice porridge and grilled cobia collars with onions of smoke flavor. 

They also have smoked swordfish belly, crawfish, and local white shrimps. Lure also serves a traditional brunch on weekends. In this traditional brunch, you can have fried North Carolina catfish or the other one is pan-fried rainbow trout with slow-cooked egg, potatoes, and greens. On weekend you can also have outdoor sitting with a fantastic and lovely view.

  • Ray’s in the city

There is a total of three Ray’s restaurants but the seafood restaurant Atlanta Ray’s is offering fine dining in the city with an aquarium in the hall. It also has an onyx bar and wonderful views of the city. On the menu of Ray’s, you can have fresh flown-in seafood which is mostly preferable by the customers several times in a single day. They also have a variety of starters like soups, salads, and desserts with handmade cocktails. In their specials, they have broiled seafood platters Canadian cold water lobster tail, and salsa cruda-topped trout 

  • Six feet under

One of the seafood restaurants Atlanta is on the rooftop of Grant Park. It is a casual seafood spot.  They have a unique style menu in which they use food baskets. They offer fish and chips, sandwiches platters of shrimps and soups, salads, and drinks in appetizers. They have a variety of handmade drinks. The best combo you can have is a basket of sandwiches with fried fish. After you eat, you can have a walk in the beautiful cemetery. 

  • Kyma

In seafood restaurants Atlanta the one is Kyma that has the most beautiful interior. There ceiling is sky-like with twinkling stars and they use huge marbles in the overall restaurant. It also becomes a source of attraction for children. In appetizers, they serve octopus and dolmas also with stuffed grape leaves. You can order the best seafood in Kyma. Their grill fish, whole and basted are special. If you are so foodie, you can order All Meze Dinner. In which you can select five appetizers of your own choice with spreads. This one of the best seafood restaurants Atlanta also offers a menu for vegans or vegetarians which makes this restaurant different from others. 

  • The optimist 

The optimist become is one of the top seafood restaurants Atlanta. It is located in a refurbished ham aging house in the west midtown of Atlanta. The atmosphere of The Optimist is such cool and enchanting. The use of lights is very proper. You can enjoy a high quantity of seafood in all forms such as super-stuffed lobster rolls, and hickory-hearth-roasted fish, including duck-fat-poached swordfish, crispy whole New England haddock, and lane snapper

  • Steamhouse lounge

For the past 14 years, steamhouse lounge is famous for its relaxed and cool environment. This restaurant has an entire menu of seafood and also they have cheap beer. Steamhouse lounge has a signature dish in which they add Lobster Bisque. I recommend you to try their creative bar in which they have crab cake with melted cheese and have onions. The whole wheat is grilled. This is my favorite dish from steamhouse lounge. 

They have a kid’s menu in which burgers, chicken tenders, grilled cheeses, and finger fish is available. They have their delicious signature drink names as Goombay Smash.

  • Two ten oyster bars

The owner of the restaurant named two ten oyster bar is Andrew Bilodeau. You are going to enjoy some of the best seafood here, especially oysters. It is in the name of the restaurant that you can expect here. The hospitality is great and you are going to enjoy the best of your time. 

Why do you need to try seafood?

Seafood is one of the most famous dishes that people try while traveling. Moreover, there is a query from many people about the difference between prawns and shrimps. Both of them are seafood. There is also no big difference in taste. The only thing that makes them different is their sizes. 

The size of prawns is normally bigger than the shrimps. Prawns have larger legs and have claws on three pairs. Shrimps have smaller legs and their claws are on two pairs. They are both found near salt water and fresh water and are easily available all over the world. Many seafood places in Atlanta also offer Prawns and Shrimps on their menu. You can taste them and know the difference between prawn vs shrimp

Restaurant lounges of Atlanta:

If we talk about the lounges Atlanta have, there are some names of famous lounges of Atlanta 

  1. Sky lounge 

The ambiance of the sky lounge is very nice and you can enjoy their live music nights.

  1. Pure lounge

You can visit the pure lounge with your family and friends. Its ambiance is also very cool.

  1. Slush ATL

It is a beautiful lounge with fantastic decor. We do recommend it for special events like birthday parties, anniversaries, and anything special that you want to celebrate. 

What did people search similar to seafood in Atlanta, GA?

Most people search for the best seafood restaurants Atlanta. The reason is this Atlanta has a specialty over seafood. With seafood people also search for similar things like oysters, steaks, shrimps, prawns, Dinners, and the seafood markets. 

What are people saying about seafood restaurants in Atlanta, GA? 

The review of seafood restaurants in Atlanta is overall very good. When we talk about the taste of seafood, most restaurants have a delicious taste. A lot of variety is available in seafood and all of them are very nice in taste. If we talk about the ambiance, every restaurant has a nice and relaxing ambiance.


We discussed top of the seafood restaurants Atlanta. The food quality and ambiance of their restaurants. They have a super decor with a pleasant atmosphere. People of Atlanta enjoy the food as well as the cool environment.