Feeling like having a drink? Then it’s time to unwind with a drink—alcohol not required. Atlanta’s bars are ready to serve you and have a bar seat reserved for you. There are also a slew of newly opened bars to visit, all of which are oozing with elegance. 

Here’s where to get a drink in Lounges Atlanta, from delta sky club Atlanta to patios & outdoor lounges. You’ll find a list of things to do in Atlanta & can plan accordingly. 

Keep on reading to find out!

Best Lounges in Atlanta

  1. The Clermont Lounge

Nothing compares to The Clermont Lounges Atlanta when it comes to the best lounges & strip clubs in Atlanta. The club atl establishment is known for its one of the best waiters & dancers. The attendance at Atlanta’s earliest strip joint is astonishingly diverse. Everyone who loves bard & lounges must come here at least once.  

Tuesdays are singing nights, and artists usually perform on Tuesdays. Although this club is open to everyone, it is not suitable for children or families because it is an all-nude strip joint.

  1. Opera Nightclub

You’re definitely at the Opera and find a long line on the roadside on Sundays. It takes to really get into one of the finest lounges in Atlanta, and it is always deserved. Opera Nightclub has achieved megaclub status, with loads of dancing, the top DJs in the market, as well as plenty of VIP accommodations.

Whenever you go to the opera, put your best foot forward and expect nothing less from the rest of the audience, regardless of wherever you go. Their week begins on Wednesday with an immensely popular student night and ends on Saturday.

  1. LivingSton Restaurant

This shining American restaurant is located inside The Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta georgia and serves contemporary food & is considered as one of the finest lounges in Atlanta. Grab a seat and relax if you’re looking for a good setting to eat dinner. Livingston Restaurant and Bar’s Bar, which is close to these restaurants, is a nice spot to unwind with a beverage or glass of wine after a meal and before the play. 

Choose from a variety of speciality drinks or stick to a tried-and-true classic. The seating is plush and complements the restaurant’s modern, refined environment. The front patio, which overlooks the bright Fox Theatre, is ideal for folks and discussion.

  1. Polaris

The Hyatt Regency Atlanta is home to this blue-domed moving restaurant and bar. It was the capital’s first rooftop dining, launched in 1967 and closed for years in the 2000s. The facility was just reopened in summer 2014, and it now has a sleek and attractive decor. 

With its abundance of wide windows, you’ll be able to take in the spectacular views of the city below. Users can share small meals inspired by local, seasonal products (along with several produced on the restaurant’s rooftop) are available on the list. 

Though it doesn’t have to be served as a meal to be considered special. A beverage at Polaris, one of the finest lounges in Atlanta could be the ideal way to cap a romantic dinner date.

  1. Havana Club

Havana Club is a thrilling nightlife adventure distributed across numerous floors with varied themes and degrees of Cuban inspiration. There are couches and VIP seats in the Central Room, luxurious sitting and partying in the Studio, and exclusive poolside in the Stage.

When you join Havana Club, best among the lounges Atlanta, you gain access to all areas, each of which hosts a unique DJ of their own distinctive style every weekend. Look out for diverse dance and gymnastic acts in all of the rooms.

  1. Sambuca

Jazz is strongly established in Atlanta’s history and heritage, and Sambuca provides an upmarket setting in which to enjoy the timeless music. The stage is frequently graced by many of the greatest and most iconic Jazz musicians to ever live, and pleasant seating is given in both intimate and sociable arrangements.

Sambuca is an excellent place to eat dinner before your event because they have a delicious food menu with lobsters and filet steak dishes, as well as a large wine list.

  1. Sutra Lounge

Sutra has been there for a long time, when it comes to lounges in Atlanta but a recent refurbishment has brought it back into fashion. This lounge caters to a refined clientele that includes working professionals as well as experienced businesspersons. Sutra, a fancier and much more intimate option to several of the nearby mega clubs, is situated in Midtown.

Sutra Lounge includes three bars and an outdoor patio with plenty of seating. They have a range of DJs who don’t try to be the focus of attention, as well as hookah service.

  1. Blind Willie’s

Blind Willie’s is a well-known tour destination for the world’s most daring and talented jazz players. It debuted in 1986 in response to a scarcity of blues clubs in Atlanta, and it maintains the legacy today after becoming the Best Blues Club in the United States.

The club boasts a full-service cafe to keep the audience entertained, as well as a roster of artists that Memphis would envy. Their kitchen prepares food influenced by the Blues’ regional tenets, such as Chicago and New Orleans.

  1. Cosmolava

CosmoLava is one of the hottest spots in Midtown, luring hordes of attractive men and women to its two clubs, three storeys, five bars, and seemingly unlimited dancing space. The VIP suites here are among the best in town, and the Tropic Deck patio, which overlooks the Atlanta skyline, is a popular hangout.

Since most big-time clubs employ waiters who only serve soda, CosmoLava boasts the greatest Cosmopolitan in town, and you just need to pay the entry once to gain access to both clubs.

  1. MJQ Concourse

If you happen to visit MJQ Concourse, the best among the Lounges Atlanta, you’ll be enjoying your night with Atlanta’s hot and fashionable set. An ancient parking garage has been transformed into a boisterous nightlife hotspot by the basement bar.

At MJQ, there will be two rooms: one with a central bar surrounded by dancing people, and the other with a sofa drenched in deep red décor. Art exhibitions are frequently displayed on the walls, as well as the music changes weekly to keep the audience guessing.

Wrapping Up 

Discover Atlanta but If you want a more premium atmosphere, the bar at Livingston restaurant is for you. It welcomes both hotel guests and people looking for a great evening, thanks to comfortable seats and a spectacular view of the Fox Theatre all over the street.

The rotating bar as well as lounges Atlanta downtown offers a contemporary ambiance and spectacular views. Cosmo Lava and Halo Lounge are two expensive clubs/lounges in the same neighborhood. Both tend to conjure up a more clubby atmosphere. Churchill Grounds, a jazz pub in Midtown, has a more relaxed atmosphere and usually hosts live music.

Whiskey Blue is usually bustling with a dynamic, fun-loving clientele, and it’s the destination to be for sipping drinks and relaxing on the outdoor patio. Likewise, some nearby lounges have a speakeasy vibe and serve delicious cocktails. Weather in Atlanta is pleasant in the spring, so we recommend having a tour at that time.