In the North of the Atlantic, is a beautiful country with breathtaking views and nature called Ireland. It is a must-visit place once in your life to witness the beautiful glaciers, glance at millions of stars, and experience nature at its best. There are so many things to do in Iceland for solo travelers, families, and friends which makes it one of the top destinations in Europe. But traveling is not just about the places, it is also about the food and you will love the Iceland restaurants

From Michelin star restaurants to local cafes, there is a range for you with award-winning options. The food here is so delicious and you will love the nature around some of the local restaurants. Here is a quick guide to some of the best restaurants in Iceland. 

Top 10 Iceland restaurants:

Here is the list that includes the best restaurants in Reykjavik and other areas known for their cuisine. 

  1. Eldofninn:

It is a small yet perfect restaurant just outside the central area of Reykjavik. They are providing people with an extensive menu including pizza which is their specialty. It is closed on Monday but you can still come here for takeouts. 

  1. Sushi social:

Craving sushi during travel? Well, Sushi social is one of the top Iceland restaurants providing you with incredible taste. It is one of the expensive restaurants in Reykjavik which is the go-to place if you are looking for a nice ambiance. 

  1. Reykjavik fish:

Craving for fish and chips? Try out this Icelandic restaurant where the staff is using fresh ingredients all the time. The best part here is the sauces as they have a large variety of them that you should try with your main course. 

  1. Dill restaurant:

Dill restaurant is the pride of Iceland which attracts foodies from around the world. They are famous for their culinary skills and providing customers with the best taste in the whole of Iceland. Moreover, they have an extensive menu from which you can add whatever you like with a variety of other options. You can check out their everyday specials and in seasons they change some of the dishes. It is one of the best and on-top Iceland restaurants that should be on your bucket list. 

  1. Old Iceland restaurant:

Old Iceland restaurant is quite famous in the capital of the country where you can enjoy some of the traditional dishes and ambiance of Iceland. They provide soups, salads, cured salmon, scallops, pan-fried fillet, slow-cooked lamb shoulder, etc. 

  1. Tryggvaskali:

It is near the Iceland Southern coast and it is famous due to its home-dining experience. You will feel at home with their comfortable and friendly environment. You will find a lot of positive feedback about this place where you can get vegan options as well. The steaks here are quite good and should try them for dinner. 

  1. Sudur:

Arctic Char is the specialty of Iceland and you might have heard of it. It is found near the arctic lakes and the locals here catch it and eat it for lunch or dinner. You will find it in Sudur which is fried and served with the perfect balance of flavors. It is one of the best places to eat in Iceland where you can also find a lot of variety in the menu for every age group. 

  1. Bryggjan Cafe:

It is of the best places in Grindavik where you can try the freshly made and hot served lobster soup. The architect of this place is like a fisherman and you will see most of the ingredients here are fresh. It is 10 minutes away from The Blue Lagoon and you should come here after spending the day at the beach. It is one of the best restaurants in Iceland outside of Reykjavik

  1. Gandhi Indian restaurant:

Looking for Indian cuisine in Iceland restaurants? Well, do not worry as we have got you covered with the best option. Gandhi is the best place where people go to enjoy Mango chutney, Pulao, and some home-cooked style vegetables. You will get the complete Indian or desi feeling by coming here. The best part is that they customize the spice level according to your taste. 

  1. Austur India:

Another great option for an Indian restaurant in Iceland is Austur India. It is there since the 90s and now it represents some of the best cuisines to Iceland travelers. Here, you will find both indoor and outdoor options. The restaurant also takes big orders for catering, events, birthdays, weddings, etc. They provide a different cuisine like the Kali Mirch lobster. They are mixing both cuisines as people know the seafood importance here. 

What Are The Iceland Restaurant’s Prices?

Compared to some of the other restaurants in Europe, Iceland can be a little expensive. The breakfast is around $19-$24, lunch is $20-$35, dinner is $25-$40. You will find beers in $10-$11 easily. In Reykjavik, there are some expensive restaurants where the prices can be more than this. 

Why Is Iceland So Expensive?

The costs get 66% higher here compared to the other countries in Europe. Around 62% of the food around Iceland is made in the country but some things are imported from other countries. Therefore, the prices are higher here. Iceland is quite cold in winter and the temperature goes in minus so the people here are trying to earn through tourism.

What Language Is Mostly Spoken In Iceland?

The language spoken in Iceland is Icelandic spoken by 314,000 people. Most of the people there speak their official language. But, some can also speak English and other Western European languages. 

What Is The Most Popular Restaurant In Iceland?

The most famous restaurant of Iceland is in Reykjavik known as Dill restaurant. The cuisine here changes with the season but provides the best quality food in the whole country. Therefore, it has been awarded a Michelin star as one of the best Iceland restaurants


So, here are the top 10 restaurants in Iceland which should be on your bucket list. Being a food lover, there is nothing best than to enjoy your trip with the best cuisines of the country.