Polls have closed! After all of our testing and research, we have finally compiled a list of equipment that we can include in “Your Ultimate Guide to Best Hunting Gears – 2022’

Before embarking on your journey, it is critical to have proper preparation and equipment. Since your equipment and supplies are your life savers which come in action in worst case scenarios. Therefore, to help you in your adventurous route, after a period of experimenting and testing, We have compiled a list of well crafted hunting gears that worked flawlessly out of many others. 

So here is us presenting and putting forth our Ten Top Backcountry Gears of 2022.

This is to state for the record that the inclusion of the hunting industry’s gears that were effective and new to us in 2022. These items are included in the list based on personal preferences and interests, rather than the arrival date. To avoid the appearance of bias, we did not include our equipment for this test (which, as you might expect, was a challenge).

Feathered Friends Raven 10 Degree Sleeping Bag (Brad)

A lightweight, comfortable sleeping bag that can keep you warm during frigid weather can be difficult to come across. We’ve tested five different brands and an array of quilts, styles and all the rest in search of a warm and light sleeping bag to be used for late-season backpacking excursions in colder weather. 

We’ve been on an almost four-year quest to find this dreamy sleeping bag and have finally discovered one. Feathered Friends is a popular brand in backpacking and mountaineering with years of experience. Backcountry hunters use the designs they incorporate into their bags for sleeping.

We tried the Raven in various hunts during October and November. It never got cold once when paired with our favorite synthetic winter pads and a winter pad. With 950+ fills with down and a comfortable zipper and neck baffle that helps block drafts, the bag comes out comfortable and well-designed.

In one trip, temperatures were hovering around the single digits, and being a cold sleeper; we thought we’d be enduring the night. The bag, however, kept the temperature up and surprised me because 1). We’d need at least the minus temperature to be warmer than that cold with most sleeping bags. Also, 2) most temperatures for sleeping bags are designed to be survival instead of comfort levels.

This sleeping bag is costly; however, it’s worth every cent. We’ll test more Feathered Friends models in the future, but the bag has awed me by the quality of its performance, and the weight-to-warmth ratio is unbeatable. You should check out this sleeping bag. You won’t be disappointed.

Vortex Razor UHD 10×42 UHD Binoculars (Brad)

We’ve used Vortex Optics products for a long time. Still, the latest UHD bino series is an amazing pair of binoculars in an entirely different class regarding optics quality. We tested the UHD’s during the autumn and spring seasons, including turkey hunting and blacktails in Kodiak and archery mule deer hunting in Nevada, Idaho, and several other western hunts. 

These UHDs stood out when the light was dim and the clarity of the view image even when looking at long distances. Even in Nevada, where we were glancing over vast distances, searching for Mule deer, mostly concealed in thick forest, these 10×42’s gave plenty of power, especially when we placed our binoculars on a tripod (which is something you must test out). 

For it was an “all-around” size, the 10×42’s were simply amazing. The Razor UHD range from Vortex is a great choice for the best binocular, and the 10×42 will continue to become the “do it all” size for most of my hunting, no matter the location I’m in.

Vortex Razor HD 4000 Range Finder (Josh) Hunting Gear

In the past, rangefinders were more of a fanciful notion than a reality for me. The ability to fast forward to today with options such as Vortex Razor HD 4000 Vortex Razor HD4000 is an excellent illustration of the difference between day and night. 

The clarity of the optical components offered by this rangefinder is remarkable to at least. It’s not often that you can see glass when using an optical rangefinder. However, close quarters aside, it’s a 4000 in the name to indicate an explanation. This rangefinder can reach and touch targets with reflective properties up in distances of up to 4000 yards. And perform it with one click and with ease. 

We were amazed by how fast this gadget can give readings. It speeds up the range process and is also efficient. That isn’t only for hunters who hunt with rifles, either. It also gives impressive readings of yardage. We’ve used this tool numerous times as a bowhunter, trying to determine the best hunts. 

For example, if we have a deer tucked away at 1250 yards, and there’s a huge rock behind the deer that is 1300 yards, then we’re making. Of course, it’s got magical angle compensating capabilities, too, which is greatly valued. The bottom line is that the Razor HD 4000 will be here for a long time.

First Lite Brooks Vest (Josh)

We decided to try a Brooks Down Vest attempt. It quickly became my favorite when we traveled to Colorado in the fall of this year. With 800 filled, 37.5 down Tek, and a few other items, the vest aids with insulation. And it weighs only 8.5 grams. 

The item doesn’t appear to be much in your hands, however, do not judge a book by its weight. Naturally, since it’s low and compact, the Brooks vest can be compressed extremely easily, allowing for great capacity for packing. In addition, the thing is so small that it could fit into my pocket. 

Yes, we put the vest inside my pocket to try it out. We would wear it underneath my basic layers and beneath the main insulator in my outfit. 

First Lite Chamberlin Puffy Jacket (Brad)

 It isn’t new for 2020. However, this jacket was a top choice on my top gear lists. There are infinite choices in down jackets in a world filled with micro puffy, large, and mid-sized puffy jackets. 

However, the Chamberlin is a standout from the rest of the pack. It’s extremely warm, it packs well, and the nylon shell cuts through the breeze on cold mornings. 

This Chamberin will always be in my kit for hunting to keep me warm in the evenings and mornings from September to December and even until January. In addition, we use it as my backpacking pillow. That is one of the jackets you should all have for hunting in cold temperatures.

Day Six Arrows and Broadheads (Brad and Josh)

We utilized Day Six Arrows and Broadheads Hunting Gear this year, beginning in early spring. Day Six Arrows come with one of the strongest arrows and insert/ouster designs that we have encountered and utilized for starters of the day. 

The unique way that the collar and ousters work together with the arrow creates an extremely long-lasting arrangement, even when your arrow is thrown into the dirt. In many instances, particularly during the practice of long-distance shots with 3D targets, we’ve had many misses on target. 

However, unlike the other brands of arrows that we’ve used in the past, following an impact with dirt, the archer and insert did not wobble even a bit. They’re just sturdy.

We were also awed that when you purchase 12 arrows that are day six, you will receive twelve shafts with a clean spin. There’s not much as frustrating as buying an expensive dozen arrows and throwing them into your arrow spinner, only to discover that most of your arrows have some wobble.

The team at Day Six figured out how to keep their carbon shafts always straight. However, we’ve yet to eliminate any wobble from the arrows. For Hunting in Spain rules and regulations can be different.

In addition to producing fantastic shafts, they also make fantastic broadheads. S30V stainless broadheads produced from Day Six are incredible broadheads. In the world of numerous options for broadheads that are mostly made for one use and are not suited for use in multiple uses, these Evo-style Day Six Broadheads are long-lasting, well-made, sharp, and easy to reuse and re-sharpen. 

That is a cut-on two-bladed contact head with bleeding tools that are as strong as nails and is ready for whatever you put it through.

Sirui VA-5 Pan Head (Josh)

In Arizona, Glassing is the norm. Not just glassing but doing it on the tripod for hours. It is advantageous to have a panning head that is smooth to be able to tear away the mountains and identify the things that don’t want to be noticed.

This Sirui VA-5 has been a fixture in my backpack over the last year, and I’m not planning on delivering an eviction letter shortly. One word pops into my head for this pan-head, and that’s “quality.” The precision of the machining is unbeatable, as is the quality good. 

It’s as smooth head as you can get, and we’ve had to remind me not to glass for a drink simply because we can drink throughout the day without a problem. 

Along with superior performance, it’s also tough and can withstand the demands of backcountry hunting, from 100+ degrees down to a single-digit and even shale rock brush breaking. Sirui VA-5 is a great choice for backcountry hunting. Sirui VA-5 is something to be considered for those committed to their glassing.

Tikka T1x MTR

In the field of precision rimfire rifles, the new T1x is an amazing bargain. It is available with .22 LR and .17 HMR. It has a detachable 10-round magazine and a 20-inch barrel that is threaded to suppression.  We have talked about Florida Hunting season already.

The trigger that comes with my .17 can be set to a precise 1.5 pounds, and the rifle can shoot within a dime when fired at 50 meters. The main benefit to this T1x is that the bedding footprint is identical to the Tikka T3x centerfire rifles. It gives you a variety of stock options that are available aftermarket. They’re selling quickly. If you spot one, purchase it.

Sitka’s upgraded and improved Fanatic line is the most silent and warmest whitetail equipment for cold weather available. (Not to mention more expensive models.) The previous Fanatic range was quiet; however, Sitka states that this version reduces the sound by half. Also, it’s 20 percent warmer and resistant to burrs. 

The cleverly designed Fanatic Pack is brand-new and helps keep all day’s worth of equipment in order and easily accessible.

Garmin GPSMAP 66i Satellite Communicator (Josh)

Satellite communications devices are an integral part of backcountry hunting accessories kits worldwide and the most sought-after one being in each. They are nifty tools that let you send and receive text messages through satellite. It means that regardless of the location, you will connect with your family members. 

In addition to communicating, they come with the SOS button. If you’re in a difficult situation such as broken legs or other injuries, pressing this button will link you to search and rescue services, and help will be at hand. In essence, the term and in each device is essential worldwide for any hunter who is in the backcountry.

This Garmin GPS66i Satellite Communicator returned to stay with me. we’ve been thoroughly enjoying this device. The buttons are also enjoyable to press in a way that could sound. It’s a lot better than the initial Explorer +; the mapping is more appealing and comes with the cool watch feature. 

We were excited about Hunting Gear because we often mark waypoints using my watch to be quick. These waypoints are saved automatically into the reach maps too. Therefore, We are not marking the same things over several devices, as We’ve previously. It’s more efficient. 

In addition to the features mentioned above, the 66i also comes with an inbuilt flashlight. It’s a feature unique and could prove useful in an emergency. It’s also possible to keep track of forecasts for weather conditions too. 

Nosler Mountain Carbon Rifle (Brad)

We have been capable of taking the carbon on 2 Alaska trips and more than twelve hunts in the western region. The Mountain Carbon is phenomenal in all calibers we’ve used (4 to date). The carbon fiber barrel is extremely comfortable and light, while the gun’s action feels incredibly smooth. 

In addition, we enjoy having the carbon fiber-proof research barrel, not just due to its weight reduction but also because it is also the only piece of metal I worry about corrosion when we go on long hunting trips in wet conditions. You must check your hunting packing list before going on trips.

Mountain carbons are an excellent mountain rifle, and we can’t suggest them enough to those looking for a versatile rifle with a lightweight package.

Your Turn!

And there you are! We have our Top Hunting Gear picks for 2022 and it will provide an even greater opportunity to test new gear. If you have any questions regarding this topic, please reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to provide any help we can. 

Now it’s your turn. Since we’re gearing geeks by nature, we want to know which gear items you thought your top picks were from the year 2022. Did it include a new bow or an item of clothing that made a difference, perhaps? Let us know!


What gear do hunters use?

When hunting, you’ll require all the standard gear for hunting, including appropriate attire and boots, a rifle or bow, ammo, and a backpack. Some items aren’t so apparent to a novice hunter. Scent attraction and reduction are crucial to helping you make your hunt more successful.

What Every hunter should have?

  • We hunters all know that we can become a little confused and lost, it’s not just about wandering around in woods, but we are referring to being lost for some time. 
  • Sharpeners for Knives and Knives. 
  • Binoculars or a Range Finder. 
  • Rope. 
  • Toilet Paper. 
  • Navigation Tools.

What do hunters hunt the most?

The majority of hunters are aware that Whitetail deer are hunted far more frequently than any other big game animal across the U.S.

How can I be a good hunter?

  • GO EXTRA SLOW. While hunting, most of us don’t travel sufficiently or remain still long enough. 
  • Quick-Stepping for Deer. 
  • Design a better driving experience. 
  • Drive SOLO. 
  • Pick your LANDMARKS. 
  • Be sure to follow the instructions with care.