San Antonio is one of the best and most famous cities in the United States, with extraordinary and impressive places to visit. There are numerous exceptional hotels inside, with dining offering an iconic and epic view of the city. After visiting the hotels in San Antonio, you will never wish to go back to your home. There are plenty of hotels, parks, restaurants, etc. Its hotels are the perfect place to visit for couples, families, and friends. It will feel like a home because of the great hospitality of all the hotels as they respect its visitors a lot.

Top hotels in San Antonio to visit:

If you plan to go over a vacation in San Antonio with friends, family, etc., then in this article, we will guide you where to stay. Following is the list of most excellent hotels in San Antonio, which are as follows:

1: The St. Anthony hotel, San Antonio:

This is one of the most beautiful hotels in San Antonio downtown, renovated some time ago. There was news about some ghosts walking inside the halls, but people now visit here and enjoy it a lot. This place is great to visit with almost all the amenities for the guests from the living room, big screens for movies to wifi. 

The owners have also made an outdoor pool on the rooftop to add its beauty more, making it more captivating. It also includes exercise rooms, ballrooms, etc. This hotel provides you with multiple exceptional services that will be fun for people of all age groups.

2: Menger hotel:

This hotel in San Antonio is probably the most pleasant in that city, with a long and incredible history. This place is said ghost hunting place to visit. If you are interested in nightcaps, this is the most beautiful place with fantastic artwork. People will find old things over there, if you are a history lover then never miss this place to go.

3: Eilan hotel resorts and spa:

This is one of the best and award-winning hotels in San Antonio because of its beauty with large pools; this is an iconic place for couples and families. If you love to be pampered, it provides incredible and relaxing spa service inside almost ten treatment rooms. 

It will surely be fun to go, and you guys can perform numerous unique activities here. If you want to eat, then you have the option of dining in a Sustenio restaurant. This fantastic restaurant is full of beauty and fun with an epic view; you guys can even book it for your weddings to make them more memorable and enjoy it as much as you can.

4: JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country resort and spa: 

This is one of the nicest hotels in San Antonio and a beautiful place to go with anyone because it has activities for all ages. Children can spend time in splashing and adults, and there are slides available to make your trip memorable. This hotel also offers spa services of all kinds like facial, body treatments, massages, etc. You will feel a warm and a great welcome, and you will be provided rooms with bright colors. It would indeed be great fun to be over there either with family, friends, or with a partner, and you will love it and enjoy their services to the fullest.

5: Hotel Havana: 

This is one of the stunning hotels in San Antonio, located near Museum reach, which provides you with excellent facilities. This is probably the fanciest hotel to visit, with 27 rooms to relax with fantastic décor, furniture, rugs, etc. If you want to visit any restaurant, then Ocho is the perfect option where you can get different kinds of drinks, and the visitors most recommend this one. 

If you are interested in sports, you won’t regret going there. It offers a breathtaking atmosphere, a beach with chairs, and an umbrella to chill. Not only this but for eating or drinking this hotel has plenty of options available for people of all age groups like coffee, pastries, etc., with versatile rooms.

6: Hyatt regency hill country resort and spa: 

This is also the best hotel in San Antonio, with highly professional staff members that even remember your name to make the visitors feel essential here. It has a vast water playground of around 4 acres for all age groups. The resort rooms are beautiful and highly impressive, with almost all the facilities for the guests. Once you visit here, it will indeed become the favorite restaurant of everyone. This hotel is almost 10 minutes away from the SeaWorld San Antonio hotels.

7: Hotel Emma:                                                                                      

It is one of the top-rated hotels in San Antonio that will give you the best hospitality when you enter there and welcome you with a cup of coffee. It’s has done a great job in utilizing an actual space, a 19th-century brewhouse. This is one of the top-rated hotels with almost 136 rooms with unique and ancient décor, and ancient products are creatively given a new look.

It provides all the amenities in the whole of the house, and that feels amazing to all the guests. It has a well-equipped kitchen and offers all the kitchenettes like refrigerators, etc. You can even book it for wedding festivities or other functions. You will surely love the atmosphere of this hotel because of its ancient products that give a versatile look. 

Whatever room you choose, you will be provided with all the facilities and exceptional services to make you feel like a king with a kitchen. All the rooms are sophisticatedly made and embellished with a beautiful color pallet.

8: Estancia Del North San Antonio 

This is one of the most affordable hotels in San Antonio and one of the best places to stay. It is situated at a distance of almost 40 minutes from the airport. If you ever visit over there, you all will be surprised by all the excellent services they provide. It provides you with a great experience and a memory that you will cherish in your life because of its iconic view with pools, etc. You can go to restaurants to dine in like LANZO. It offers the most delicious food you will desire to eat again after once.

9: Hotel Valencia Riverwalk: 

It’s is one of the best San Antonio hotels on the riverwalk, which is highly versatile, and you will surely love to visit over there with the excellent facilities. It is decorated in European style and gives the most sophisticated look, and you also do in-room dining, etc. This hotel has a restaurant named “Dorrego’s”. It offers incredible Argentinian and the most delicious food, and you will enjoy the whole atmosphere. 

It will surely be fun to go, and you guys can perform numerous unique activities here. If you want to eat, you have the option of dining in. It’s a perfect place to travel with family and friends with superb and stylish rooms with captivating décor, private rooms, bedroom suites, etc.  

10: Thomson San Antonio Riverwalk: 

This one of the remarkable hotels in San Antonio provides you with the most exhilarating trip ever, which becomes a memorable moment. This hotel is situated behind Tobin center. The most luxurious hotel among all the hotels with the best services that everyone will love. This hotel has all the services that anyone could ever ask for, like huge pools and spa services, to make you feel relaxed and have a yummy dinner over the restaurants. Children can spend time splashing and adults as well. There are slides available for making your trip memorable.

11: Canopy By Hilton San Antonio Riverwalk:

This beautiful hotel is situated on San Antonio’s River Walk. Only a few steps from the San Antonio River. Guests will surely enjoy all the services, including The Alamo, La Villita Historic Arts Village, and San Fernando Cathedral. Guests will indeed find its facilities unique and fun to stay inside with friends, family, and especially couples.

12: Hilton Palacio del Rio:

This hotel will only charge a necessary daily amount. It will be added to the room price and includes a 1.25% fee. If the River Walk is your primary destination, Hilton Palacio del Rio is the place to stay. Almost all the rooms in our 4-Diamond hacienda-style hotel include a separate balcony that gives an epic view. This hotel is not so far from the restaurants, bars, and shops; This hotel provides a Starbucks in Coffee Cupboard.

13: Mokara Hotel and Spa:

Firstly you will receive a warm welcome at Mokara Hotel & Spa, and this will give you a relaxing retreat on San Antonio’s world-famous River Walk. This is one of the best hotels in San Antonio that provides you with the best spa services that you will never forget, with luxurious things in your rooms and amenities. This will indeed become the most memorable trip for you, which you will cherish in your whole life. You can order delicious food while sitting inside the hotel, such as Pasta, etc. while chilling with your friends with an iconic view. This has the largest rooms with captivating décor and ceiling windows, and you can also watch movies on a large screen with friends.

14: Hotel Indigo San Antonio-Riverwalk:

This is indeed the best of the fancy hotels in San Antonio, also considered the most romantic one with the best and most luxurious items available, including plushy bed, comfortable pillows, etc. If you ever visit this hotel, never forget to party in its pool because you will never get to experience it in your whole life. 

If you are looking for the hotels with the best and most beautiful view will all the facilities of restaurants, bars, etc., then this hotel is for you guys. You guys can even enjoy fishing, photography sessions, airboat ride, etc. If you want to make your wedding event here, you can also book any hotel for weddings. You will surely enjoy visiting her to the fullest.

Where to stay in San Antonio?

San Antonio is a city where everyone visits for vacations or makes some good memories. This city is famous because of its places and their attraction. Once you go to the city, you need to book some hotels to stay in and enjoy them with family, friends and all your loved ones. 

Their hotels have their quality, and they provide the best services, and other than the services, people will surely fall into the epic view of this renowned city. If you are looking to visit San Antonio, the hotels are the best option to stay in because they will take care of their guests to the fullest. All you need to do is enjoy and have a lot of fun and thrill.

How much is a hotel in San Antonio for this weekend?

Hotels in San Antonio are extravagant because of their services, food, etc. Their prices start from 85$ and so on. But believe me, your money pays you off.

Which hotels in San Antonio are suitable for couples?

Almost all the hotels are unique and give you an iconic feeling whether you are with family, friends, or partners. But, for couples, some of the hotels are perfect: Emma Hotel, Thomson hotel, Gibbs hotel, etc. You would surely love everything in these restaurants.


It would indeed be great fun to visit over there with family, friends, etc. You guys will indeed find it great with the best hospitality. If you want to make your wedding event here, you can also book any hotels in San Antonio for weddings. You will surely enjoy visiting her to the fullest if we talk about the restaurants then. People experience some pleasant surprises by having great and delicious food

You guys can even have the best romantic treat with your loved ones and even with friends and family members. So, if you guys are bored at your home and planning to go over a vacation, then a holiday inn San Antonio is probably the best idea. A great thing about all the hotels is that you won’t be so far away from famous restaurants, shops, and beachfront bars. Support us for more informative articles.