The charm of some of the most beautiful hiking in Spain is that it is so sunny and a place filled with adventure. You will not get enough of it as it has some of the breathtaking places that will connect you with nature. The rocky peas here, greenfield, desserts, cliffs, and beautiful sandy beaches are the perfect things for people who are outdoor lovers. Moreover, the canyons and the treks here are for adventure lovers. You might need more than a week if you do not want to miss all these occasions. Here is a tip that you should always enjoy a sunset at one of these places. It is going to be the perfect memory for you during your travel to Spain. 

Tourists from across Europe (and all over the globe) always embark on the annual summer trek to find sunshine and warm temperatures. The beautiful country of Spain offers plenty of places to hike. If you ever come here for travel, you should know the top places to be at or from where to start your adventure. The traveling of Spain will not be completed without it and you should know the best time to be here as well. Here’s a list of the top spots to trek and experience the beauty of Spain.

Top places for hiking in Spain:

  1. The Pyrenees

The vast mountains between Spain and France provide you with comprehensive options to explore. It is possible to walk among the greenery or escape into the splendors of the majestic mountains. 

There is a national park and two located within the Pyrenees to enhance your adventure. One of the parks includes Ordesa Y Monte Perdido National Park, and the other is Aiguestortes National Park. The stunning beauty of the landscape and picturesque surroundings would be awe-inspiring. Go there to enjoy a memorable experience.

  1. Canary Island is best for hiking in Spain

It’s an exciting walk to enjoy the refreshing breeze, endless waves, and peaceful environment. The place offers many walking, hiking in Spain, and hiking alternatives. 

There are valleys, banana plantations, and hilltops to provide you with various choices for picking your ideal deal. It is so easy to find exciting hiking and other decisions that you will be overwhelmed with options.

  1. Picos de Europa

That is likely to be one of the most enjoyable walks you’ll ever take. The breathtaking scenery, the lush greenery all around and when the weather is good, you can arrange for the cable car. The view from your cable car can be breathtaking. 

Once you’re down, you will find cafes that fill your stomach. This place is essential for all those who are adventure lovers. Moreover, the food here is also good that you can enjoy the views. It also resembles the Atlantic ecosystem and you will have a great time here. 

  1. Sierra de Aitana

Another exciting place to hike and climb is in the southwest region of Spain. There are plenty of options to explore the terrains of southwest Spain. 

There’s always a chance that you might be able to pay for the opportunity to visit a chocolate factory or even an olive plant. Walking along the lanes can make you feel like entering a modern town, and the streets become a gorgeous area.

  1. Moorish Trails

Take a stroll through the Spanish terrain to discover these Moorish trails. Then, you stroll down to the hotel that has just opened to enjoy the best Spanish and regional cuisine. 

Enjoy the flamenco dance style and a piece of Islamic tradition, and delicious food. The trekking, walking, and other unique activities will leave you feeling free.

  1. Camino de Santiago

It is an old-fashioned city that has a vintage feel. It is a stroll or hike to another fantastic experience. 

A few reviews mention that their route while traveling and the path they came back were quite different. That is a great way to increase their pleasure from walking for those who hike, trek, or trek and hikers.

  1. Pico Sobarcal

At just under 2200m, Pico Sobarcal is relatively moderate throughout the trek. However, it rapidly morphed into a tough grade toward the top.

The best part about this is that naturally, it doesn’t mean that you need to go through the whole hike. You can quickly turn back if you’re feeling out of your comfort zone.

If you’re experienced enough to climb the rock to the top, you’ll get stunning views from The French Pyrenees Mountains. phoenix hiking can also be experienced.

It’s not difficult to see that this view is an ideal spot to relax or even to refuel yourself with whatever snacks you’ve brought with you. You can then slowly soak in the fantastic views before starting the sloping downhill towards the base.

  1. Camino del Rey

Also known as the King’s Road, this is a highly strenuous hike of 3 km that isn’t recommended for those afraid of heights since the route for this hike will leave you hanging onto the edge of a breathtakingly gorgeous canyon.

The absence of maintenance once caused this to be a dangerous trail in several locations (it was deemed the most challenging trail in the world) but following several years of reconstruction that drastically improved the trail’s safety, the trail was officially opened in the year 2015.

It’s enough to say that if the adrenaline-pumping best day hikes in Spain you enjoy aren’t your thing (and it doesn’t matter if it’s or not), This isn’t the ideal hiking in Spain trip for you.

  1. Penalara

It’s a simple and enjoyable hike to take. It is recommended that you allow between three and four hours for the entire walk.

Since it’s situated in the middle of Madrid, it’s logical to include a visit to the city by taking this excursion. (Though it can be hot during the summer months, so make sure you make sure to check the weather forecast before you go out). Enjoying the top of the world hike is a different thing.

The route will take you on a journey across Penalara Natural Park, which includes a variety of glacial peaks that could be ascended if you’re seeking a more excellent, challenging climb.

  1. Via Ferrata de la Cala del Moli

Via Ferrata translates to “Iron Path” (confusingly) from Italian. There’s a reason for it’s an Italian thing. Essentially, Via Ferrata has existed informally in the Alps; however, the Italians brought it into the mainstream after using it during the conflict. About hiking gear, you can also read.

Achieving a Via Ferrata essentially involves attaching yourself to a steel cable (for security) and climbing an altitude that can be simple to extremely difficult. (We completed a simple one at first, and when I read that it’s simple to do, I truly meant it.). There are also hills in Spain.

The Via Ferrata de la Cala del Moli will take you along a stunning drop path that crosses the Mediterranean Sea, as well as beautiful cross bridges and wood pathways. There are different things to do in Spain.

While you’re allowed to go on this climb without an experienced guide, should you’re entirely unfamiliar with climbing on rocks (or are just not familiar with the general area), you’ll be able to get more enjoyment from it by arranging for an organized hike.

  1. Route of the Volcanoes

It is located on the island of La Palma; this 17.5-km Canary Island trek is relatively complex, taking you to volcanic craters waiting for exploration. There is a different restaurant on hiking trails.

The fantastic rock formations that are here (it’s stunning) together with the volcano lakes and even active flow of lava is enough to give you the impression that you’re in some incredible alien landscape.

It’s enough to say that if you hike amongst the volcanoes of this area, having a guide well-versed in the area is advised.

  1. Montserrat

located in Catalonia, Montserrat Mountain is the home of Santa Maria de Montserrat, an abbey with much religious significance. It is not just the site home to La Moreneta, or the Black Madonna and the Black Madonna, but some think that it is the place where The Holy Grail!

Along with hiking, you can go hunting in spain.

It’s also among the most popular treks in Spain due to its simple access from Barcelona, making it an excellent choice for a day outside the city.

The Abbey and cave are incredible, but it’s important to note that the breathtaking panoramas from the top are fantastic reasons to hike to the top of this mountain hike.

  1. Beas de Granada

As the name of the trek suggests, this hike will be a journey through Beas and Granada through a beautiful mountain ridge.

Very easy to follow. It takes about two days for completion, with breathtaking views to be enjoyed on the way as a reward for this long trek.

The highlight of this famous hiking trail in Spain is undoubtedly the stunning panorama of all the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

It’s also worth noting that even though the hike is more difficult in winter months due to the ice and snow, it’s also more attractive, considering that the snow-capped mountains in Spain look like the stuff of postcards. (I’d instead do this hike during warmer seasons, and if you’re genuinely interested in this stunning view, then go back in winter and drive right to the top.).

Last Words

We have given the list of different places for hiking in Spain. You can explore these places and enjoy. Every different location will have something new for the travelers and if you are a beginner you can go with a group or a tourist guide. You will have the best time here exploring the best of Spain. 


Do people hike in Spain?

The appeal in some of the finest treks in Spain is so sunny and beautiful. It’s enjoyable to hike when the weather is excellent and when you add it’s true that Spain is an area with stunning and varied landscapes.

What is the best route for hiking in Spain?

Take a hike along the famed El Camino de Santiago–Europe’s longest and most famous pilgrimage route. Stay in historical monastery buildings and paradors that have stood for centuries on the road. Follow in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway — and many bulls through Pamplona and then explore the magnificent historical city in Santiago de Compostela.

Where can I go for a hike in the south of Spain?

  • Sierra Nevada National Park.
  • Perspectives of Mulhacen.
  • Trek to Veleta.
  • Siete Lagunas.
  • Rio Chillar.
  • Rio Verde Istan.
  • Ruta de Los Cahorros.
  • El Pinsapar.

When is the most appropriate time to hike in Spain?

Spain is renowned for its sunshine and pleasant weather, which is a great reason to go hiking throughout the year. The months of spring and autumn are the most pleasant seasons. In the summer, temperatures are more relaxed in mountainous regions. Stay clear on days when the mountains are covered in snow in winter.

Are the trails in Gran Canaria suitable for walking?

Within the Canary Islands archipelago and just 90 miles (145 km) from the coast in Africa, Gran Canaria has fantastic walking trails that satisfy all levels. Walking trails on Gran Canaria will have you walking along gentle beaches punctuated by beautiful bays and sparkling beach.

How many hiking trails are in Spain? 

There are 77 different locations from North to South spread around Spain. All of these hiking trails are famous and the perfect spot for tourists. Especially, if you have come for the first time, stat with our list of trails that are known for their views. Some of them have cycling routes where you can use your mountain bikes. Also, most of these locations have something different and at some part of the trek, there will be something to eat or drink like small shops.