If you’re from the Phoenix region or just looking to visit to escape winter. And take in the gorgeous weather, there are a plethora of amazing adventures and activities that are waiting for you. One of our top activities is to hike in Phoenix. In one of the numerous beautiful trails that make the city their home.

Many trails provide breathtaking views of Arizona’s famous rock formations and the amazing trail. If you’re searching for the top trails for Phoenix hiking, this amazing guide is going to be your ultimate choice. 

Simple Phoenix Hiking

Lost Dog Wash Trail

The trail is relatively flat and easy to walk, but it also offers breathtaking views of the desert, particularly at sunrise and sunset. It’s also dog-friendly to people who want to go outdoors with their pets! The trail is a bit secluded from the urban area, yet it’s just a few minutes away. They also say that the trails here are very rough, so be careful of your steps.

Granite Mountain Loop Trail

If you’re searching for an area to hike in Phoenix that is up to your expectations, you have to visit this place. It is an all-preserved site that is full of wonders and views that will co connect you back with nature.  There are different things to do in phoenix.

Within this vast area, you will find trails. That leads to spectacular rocks, unique plants in the desert, and stunning perspectives of the mountains and landscape. For any level of hiking, this place is a must. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you are going to love hiking here. 

While it’s an easy hike, it’s over five miles long. So, it’s ideal for making time for a half-day or more and staying away from the bright sunlight during the mid-afternoon.

Double Butte Loop at Papago Park Phoenix hiking

This trail, known as the Double Butte Loop, is a simple, accessible, well-maintained, and easily accessible trail. That leads you to these breathtaking natural landmarks. Although it’s not as away as some of the other trails here. Papago Park is accessible and offers stunning views despite its urban setting. You will be needing proper hiking gear for this trail as it is a little difficult and you need to have proper attire and pieces of equipment. Moreover, there are so many things here that are famous like a rock that is here for many years.

Waterfall The trail located in White Tank Mountain Regional Park

Saguaros ancient petroglyphs broad paths rock outcroppings on the easy trail. Offer an opportunity to experience Sonoran Desert beauty without tricky feet or steep elevation gains. A view of the waterfall named for it near the finish of the hike is a rare occurrence; however, it is possible if you visit after heavy rain. The entrance fee is $6.

Treasure Loop Trail

Our opinion is that Treasure Loop Trail is among the most picturesque trails within Phoenix hiking in our top list. The locals are unanimous since the park is crowded during the weekends and on holidays! 

It is also an accessible hike for trekkers from all levels. We suggest arriving earlier than you can to see the rocks glowing by the morning sun. In restaurants, you can spend your time.

moderate hiking trails in Phoenix

It is among the most well-known trails within Phoenix; Pinnacle Peak Trail isn’t technically an elevation hike. phoenix hiking trails walk through the imposing rock formation that one sees upon arriving at the trail’s head. 

It does offer breathtaking views of nearby rock formations and boulders and Scottsdale’s golf courses and nature parks scattered below. Although most trails are open to novices, some sections towards the end can be difficult, so take caution!

Holbert Trail

If you’re looking for a challenging and enjoyable experience with stunning views, you should consider the Holbert Trail. There are also mountains to hike in phoenix.

If you begin your hike early, you could be able to enjoy the trails all completely to you! On the way, you’ll come across ancient ruins, incredible structures of rock, and beautiful views. We do recommend enjoying the sun views here one time and living the best moments of your life on such adventures. 

Skull Mesa Trail

Its Skull Mesa Trail is a fantastic day-long hike for people who want to spend more time in the outdoors. With an array of terrains, you’ll traverse the creeks, hike through the woods, and climb through a mountain pass to reach the Mountain. 

That is not a trek for those who aren’t confident! If you go on this top of the world hike early in the morning, you could encounter wildlife from the area, such as javelina or quails, foxes, or javelina. There are also breathtaking views from the summit of the mountains surrounding.

Superstition Ridgeline Trail

This stunning trail is an all-point hike (meaning you’ll need to bring two cars or arrange transport by another means before your visit). There’s a lot of scrambling climbing the stairs, and you’ll be able to escape the crowds on the other well-known hikes on our list. But those who are experienced hikers and can make it through will be rewarded with many memorable stunning panoramas from The Superstition Mountains along the way. You can enjoy yourself on beaches too.

If you’re planning to do this trek, make sure to take plenty of food and water, and be sure to block off the entire day. That is certainly a long trip but worthwhile if you’re an experienced hiker who is ready for a fun experience.

Massacre Falls Trail

Likely, you didn’t anticipate discovering a waterfall trail within the desert, didn’t you? But you’re wrong! Massacre Falls Trail is one of the best ones here that has a waterfall rock. You are just going to love it here and enjoy your best day hikes near phoenix.

Despite its name, this area has a lot of fascinating stories to tell – this trail is believed to have been the scene of an attack on gold miners in the early 1800s by the local indigenous people.

You’ll not only experience the beauty and mystery of this park, a state park but also be able to see beautiful panoramas of some old rocks and fossils here.

To make sure you have the best chance of seeing a more impressive waterfall, you should try hiking the trail on an overcast day or in the springtime.

Wind Cave Trail

Look at the Wind Cave Trail for a short, easy trail without some problematic places. At just under 3 miles, the trail may not seem that long, but there are some steep climbs towards the end that can provide a challenge for your cash! 

On the way, you’ll see substantial rock overhangs, also known by the name of the Wind Cave, with breathtaking perspectives of the Phoenix area as well as the surrounding terrain of rocky.

Pinnacle Peak Trail in Pinnacle Peak Park

A groomed path offers easy to walk on for enjoying the breathtaking views, seeing wildlife, and greeting visitors–it’s one of the most popular trails, and with good reason. The ascent up to 2,750 feet of elevation is gentle and well-maintained. 

While you’ll not be able to reach the “pinnacle” of granite at the summit, the trail affords stunning perspectives of the vast desert sweltering below.

Lookout Mountain Summit Trail in Phoenix Mountains Preserve

It is more like a narrow trial but you are going to love this one. You will be waiting to catch a breath now. But isn’t that the beauty of hikes that when you reach the top and you cannot stop looking at the views around you? Mother nature is amazing and you are going to enjoy this trail in Pheonix hiking.

Dixie Mountain Loop in the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve

Begin your hike through the thick hills of saguaros. End in a lush area of riparian. You can do it on this short hike, which starts with the Maricopa Trail and angles across an elevated plateau to Jewel of the Creek Preserve. 

The lush riparian ecosystem is dotted with vibrant creek-side willows and cottonwoods. Return to Spur Cross Road to reconnect with the point of origin.

Additional Information for hiking near Phoenix

What Do You Need to Bring?

  • Breathable hiking clothing for more chilly walks, you’ll need to be calm and cool-wearing sweat-wicking clothing. Such as a tank top or sweatshirt and breathable trousers, such as those Patagonia hiking shorts suitable for both men as well as females. If you’re planning to hike in cold weather, which includes base layers made of merino wool for women and men. A down puffer jacket for women and men, and the North face jacket that is waterproof is suitable for women and men. Don’t forget to pack an excellent pair of socks for women and male hiking socks available in the world! 
  • Trekking poles the poles aren’t necessary for every hike, but you’ll need bars for every excursion; however, we recommend keeping them in your car in the event of need. We suggest that you purchase the Black Diamond Trail Ergo cork trekking poles. They are light and portable, and long-lasting. Look through our guide on the most effective trek poles for more details.
  • Bottle of water the ability to have water on hand always is essential. To minimize the waste of plastic water bottles, we suggest bringing your water bottle that can be refilled. We’re in love with Hydro Flask containers for water since they keep water cool for hours.
  • Sunscreen, as well as insect spray Sunscreen and bug spray – This is obvious. However, sweatproof sunscreen and DEET bug sprays can prevent bug bites and sunburn, two of the most uncomfortable hiking effects. Our preferred type of sunscreen is Sun Bum since it’s without harsh chemical residues and is safe for marine life, such as coral reefs.

Tips for Pheonix hiking:

  • For your hiking adventures, you should always plan and make the best out of your experience. Think about everything that you need and might be needed in emergency cases.
  • Never hike alone! Even if you have plenty of experience it is not a great idea to consider hiking alone. Hiking with a group is much better as everyone can be responsible for the safety of each other. No matter how much your experience is sometimes traveling with someone is a great idea.
  • Never overpack for a hiking trail. Hiking can be smooth and easy for you if you are going, lightweight. The more weight you put on yourself will make you slow and tired as soon as possible. Especially in the sloppy areas, it will be hard to get up. Just take some water, a map, GPS, your phone, camera, and anything to eat like protein bars. Do not overdo when it comes to eating while you are on a hike.
  • Make sure to walk and talk while you are on a hike. When you are just walking and your mouth is closed the body is not getting much oxygen. Therefore, it gets harder for you to hike properly. It is better to have some company and talk while you are moving further up on the trails. 
  • Take a break between hikes like stop for water or eat something. Be kind to yourself and let your body relax. Especially if you are doing it for the first time you might get tired quickly than an expert.
  • No matter what happens always notice the time. Your hiking trails should not be a lot late and never go on a hike after dark.

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Are the trails in Phoenix suitable for hiking?

There’s no need to depart the city limits to experience beautiful hikes around Phoenix. From the city’s vantage point from a few of the high hills, you’ll be able to view the entire metro region. Which includes some of the famous rock formations like the ones located in Papago Park, as well as Camelback Mountain and Pinnacle Peak.

What is the best time to take a hike in Phoenix?

Start early. Here are four beautiful trails worth exploring. With temperatures exceeding 120 degrees in the summertime in metropolitan Phoenix, it can be tricky — and even not a good idea to go outside. Take a walk early for a hike. That’s an excellent workout, but just enough to get off the path before it turns dangerously hot.

What is the most challenging climb in Phoenix?

Camelback Mountain is arguably the most well-known Mountain in the Phoenix region. As the Echo Canyon trail is among the most hazardous. It’s more complex than the Cholla trail. And many hikers aren’t prepared during the hot spring and autumn months, especially those not from the area.

What are the hiking trails in Phoenix?

If you’re preparing to go for a hike, bike ride trails, run, or take on other outdoor pursuits, All Trails has 241 beautiful trails within the Phoenix region.