The North Cascade is well known for its National Park, lofty peaks of mountains, forest valleys, glaciers, and beautiful waterfalls. All this makes it a worth visiting territory of North America. The cascade range spans along the border of Canada. The natural beauty of North Cascade makes it an ideal place for camping and enjoying.  The lofty National Park of this area is perfect for North Cascades camping in different seasons. This park consists of over more than half a million acres that have a deep forest on both sides. 

The area contains Ross lake and lake Chelan which are considered national recreational areas. Route 20 of the highway runs across the whole park making it quite easy to access this park. Having been there will connect you with the beautiful sceneries of nature. The park has many campgrounds that are property of the National Park Service. 

If you’re planning a trip to this ground, it’s good to have an understanding of where to camp your RV. In this precise guide, we’ll explore some best spots for North Cascades Camping. Let’s move on to explore this beneficial guide.

Best Spots For North Cascades Camping

 For a perfect tour, camping means a lot. Here are the best places for North Cascades Camping. 

1- Goodell Campground North Cascade Park

Located in the heart of the North Cascades National Park, the Goodell campground is one of the best spots to stay and enjoy. It’s right in the opposite corner of the Skagit River which adds to the beauty of this spot. Moreover, it’s on the 20 highway that makes access to this campground quite easy. 

This camping ground has almost 19 sites for camping. On normal days, you can book any of these sites on the spot, however, you’ll have to reserve a site for you in advance during the peak seasons. The peak season ranges from May to September. All these sites are ideal to camp along with your lovely RV. If you can’t find a place in these 19 spots of this ground, you may check out the two large grounds of Goodell campground. About 30 to 50 people, depending upon the sizes of camps, can camp on these grounds too. 

So, check out any place in any of these large grounds if you can’t find a place in the camping sites of Goodell campground. Though this campground is located at one of the best spots in North Cascade Park, the adjacent river adds to the beauty of this spot. Moreover, the Skagit Information Center and the North Cascades Visitor Center in Newhalem are also a few steps away from this place. All these things add up to make it a beautiful camping area. 

2- Colonial Creek Campground Diablo Lake

The Colonial Creek Campground is located relatively off to the 20 highway, however, it’s also an appealing spot for camping. This camping area is located exactly on the bank of Diablo Lake camping which adds to the beauty of this place. When it comes to the most popular campgrounds with beautiful sceneries, Colonial Creek also pops up on the list. Though the lakefront remains open with limited amenities throughout the year, however, the campground is flooded with tourists during the peak season, May to September.  

This area comprises two sites i.e North and south one. The north side of the campground has a capacity of 41 camps while the south side is relatively larger and has a capacity for 96 camps. Both these loops have special restrooms and pure water facilities. Every visitor has access to these places. The ground remains busy throughout the year due to the hikers and fishermen who visit Diablo Lake. 

If you’re reaching North Cascade Park via Seattle, this campground suits you the best. You’ll have to drive just 2 to 2.5 hours from Seattle to reach this camping area. All these facilities add up to make the Colonial Creek Campground one of the best camping options. 

3- Early Winters Campground

Early Winters Campground is a well-known place to stay, relax, enjoy, and dine in North Cascade Park. Particularly, if you’re reaching out to the park via Winthrop, this will be the very first campground on your way. You’ll reach this camping area in just 15 to 20 minutes from Winthrop via Highway 20. This camping area is also located towards Diablo Lake in the west of the popular highway. 

If you’re returning from North Cascade Park, this may also be your last camping area. You don’t need to reserve a booking before your arrival as it has dozens of parking places. Come first, get first is the rule followed over here. Though some visitors who are visiting the allowed parts of the park in winters also stay here, this place remains busy in summers particularly. 

All the sites have a serving table, a fire ring, and a vault toilet. Moreover, freshwater is adequately available here. However, no hookups are available there, so make sure that you have your hooks for camping when visiting this place. The rest of the experience will be quite pleasant and loaded with fun. 

4- Newhalem Creek Visitor Center

Whether you’re a tenter or an RVier, the Newhalem Campground is an ideal place to stay and enjoy for you. This campground is one of the largest and the most popular campgrounds of the North Cascade that is an ideal place for visitors to explore the natural beauty of this area. For mid-sized RVs, this ground is the ideal one. It has about 107 camping sites, each site has all the amenities that a camper needs. 

If you’re traveling to the North Cascade with your group of friends and want a large camping area, the Newhalem Creek Campground has larger campgrounds too that can accommodate up to 30 people at a time. This camp is nearest to the North Cascade Visitor Center and Community of Newhalem. All these features contribute to making the Newhalem Creek Campground an ideal place for campers. 

5- Mineral Park Campground

For the tourists traveling from the town of Marblemount, the Mineral Park Campground is the ideal place to stay and camp. You’ll have to drive almost 17 miles from Marblemount town via Cascade River Road to reach this campground. Being in the Mineral Park Campground, you’ll have a chance to enjoy the beauty of Mount Baker and Cascade River. 

This place is not so good for large RVs, however, if you have mini-sized RVs, this campground is made for you. This mini camping area has only 21 sites for camping small-sized RVs. This is good for those who are traveling remotely. 

Other Camping Options in North Cascades camping:

Besides the above-mentioned camping areas, here are some more camping sites for you in north Cascade. 

  • Baker Lake Campgrounds
  • Lower Valley Visitor Center, Stehekin
  • Sahale Glacier Campground
  • Gorge Lake Visitor Center
  • Lone Fir Camping Area
  • Klipchuck Campgrounds 
  • Big Beaver and Little Beaver Boat 
  • Hozomeen Visitor Center
  • Howard Miller Steelhead Park

Where can I camp outside North Cascades National Park?

Hozomeen Visitor Center which is located on the Northside of Ross Lake is the best place for you to camp outside the Cascade National Park. 

Can you sleep in your car in North Cascades National Park?

Except for the peak season, free camping in North Cascades camping National Park is free. So, you can park your car to sleep inside it. 

Final Verdict
North Cascade has many beautiful places that attract visitors. The National Park North Cascade is one of the most visited places in this area. For North Cascades Camping, many sites offer ideal services to their visitors. If you’re planning a trip to see the natural beauty of this area, choose any of the above-mentioned campgrounds for camping.

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